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Video calling or having an online meeting is almost a norm of the businesses worldwide. So, if you want to take a part in it, you need to have the right tools which will let you experience a smooth meeting. You can use many options for a successful virtual meeting, but if you want the best features, then settling for the unified communication platform of zoom is the ultimate choice. Working in collaboration with Holistic Communications, Zoom is one secure platform offers superior quality outputs and is easy to use. Irrespective of your profession or the size of your business, you can always boost the status of your work by incorporating these tools, which will help you to work better, and in an organized way.

Convenient to use

The primary reason to opt for zoom is that it requires no rocket-science to continue the good work it does. Even a not so tech-savvy person can use the multiple facilities with ease.

  • It is compatible with all sorts of devices like desktops (windows), Mac book, Smartphones (both iOS and Android) and hence, you can take part in any meeting even if you are stuck in a sticky situation.
  • You don’t get to face any glitch as this tool is capable of handling any network challenges and bandwidths.
  • Not only you can be online from any device for the meeting via video conference or group chat but also can share important files through screen share.
  • If your work demands you to keep a note of older transactions, then you can take help of MP4 recording which keeps track of shared contents or videos. It can also co-annotate and annotate the online meetings. Hence, you won’t require a secretary to manage your work; the tool will take care of everything.
  • Zoom’s messaging system is also valid across all platforms and will be able to provide you with all sorts of important details.

Thus, you can understand that all these features will help you immensely and does not require much effort. If you want to save your precious time and wrap your work while you are on the move and that too with proper security, then zoom is your savior. You can do all your confidential works on this platform without any hesitation.

Security at its best
If you are still not much convinced about the safety quotient, then you will surely be so. That the governmental information is meant to top secret one, is known to all. Zoom specifically wanted to address this issue and so it uses SSR (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so that its users can exchange classified information through Google or SSO or emails etc. In addition, it also has other software, which is used to control other accesses like HTTP, role based, admin features etc.
Zoom is considered the best collaboration tool, which is extremely attentive about the safety of the information shared through it. Even the doctors share the patient information via this tool without any hesitation. So, you can remain rest assured and utilize the benefits without being afraid that your valuable facts will be leaked.

Quality that pleases
connectivity, audio quality and video quality are among the most concerned issues about an online meeting. Thankfully, with zoom you don’t need to worry about this. This unified platformoffers video and audio in high definition, which means, you will be able to catch minute details without any problem. Besides fully clarified communication, it also offers the voice detection feature, which you can use on any platform.
As Zoom takes help from cloud video conferencing, you can also take part in zoom conferences by directly logging in from the official website. Alternatively, you can take help of any other integrated communication endpoints. You can participate in conferences, webinars, or can opt for view only to restrict viewers. It also allows the option to invite other participants from any part of the world. Everyone will enjoy the same superior quality of audio-video. China, Australia, India, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand etc. each of these countries make the most use of zoom rooms as of now.


The government is always on the move and to keep pace with it, you will require a tool, which is equally active and nothing can beat zoom in this case. If you want to achieve your dream, you need to keep the workflow and communication intact, which is where Zoom is your best alternate. .

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