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“We are ….. now planning…….. for ….. vertical…… integration…… for our….. Birmingham …… side industry”. Have you ever experienced such choppy audio and glitches in the visuals during an online video conference? Such issues are related to the bandwidth problems with your internet connection or video conferencing software. As per FCC 4mbps internet speed is sufficient for an online video meeting. Although in United States where average browsing speed is 50mbps and download speed is minimum 10mbps, these issues still exist.

The frequency of bandwidth issues is directly proportional to number of attendees of video webinar or web meeting. To minimize these issues we have the following suggestions and recommendations;:

  1. Broadcast your virtual events only when necessary, otherwise keep the live broadcast and even your webcam switched off when it is not required
  2. Share pictures or make them your display icons instead of keeping on your webcam all the time. This option is justified when you are using a low bandwidth internet connection or have large audience.
  3. Pause your screen sharing when you are doing some background work which is not compulsory to be seen at the other end.
  4. Decrease video resolution if you are feeling disturbance in video transmission.
  5. Share data files (which are not immediately required) through cloud storage instead of sending them in webinar.
  6. Shut down all the unnecessary background applications which are consuming bandwidth side by side.

Recommended Application – Zoom Webinar

Virtual meeting participants take great impact of bandwidth issues. Such issues can cause a lot of interruptions in your business communication and can decrease the productivity of avideo conference. Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meeting Rooms are recommended applications because they give better audio and video transmission even with low bandwidth and their users rarely face bandwidth issues. However if you still face any problems Zoom Support Center recommends to check your bandwidth using Speedtest application or Comparitech. You can also attach a DOCSIS 3.0 wire with your modem to increase internet bandwidth.

Bandwidth generally is the number of data packets being transferred per second. In this regard a simple suggestion is to maintain at least 5 to 10mbps internet speed per one hundred participants in a virtual meeting. Furthermore we recommend virtual collaboration applications deployed by Holistic Communications such as Zoom Meeting Rooms and Zoom Video Webinar for unbeatable services.

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