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Career development and training are of utmost importance to both the business organization and the employees. With careful planning, you can set up an employee training and development program that can be engaging as well as productive. An effective employee training and development program will help in energizing your company and will facilitate enhanced employee engagement.

How do you begin the development of an ideal training plan for your company’s employees? A good place to start is by considering the benefits you will derive out of the employee training and development. Training your employees is akin to watering your garden so that plants and flowers will bloom.

The most effective method for employee training for any team size or location is the age-old classroom or instruction-led training module. There are several variants of this technique –

  • Whiteboard or blackboard – This may seem like an old-fashioned way but it is the most effective training style, particularly when you invite the employees/trainees to write on either the whiteboard or the blackboard. They can also participate and interact by giving the trainers feedback during a training session.
  • Using an overhead projector – This method is still useful in conjunction with PowerPoint presentations. This kind of training medium has a big impact, even if it is a manually demanding method. Overhead projectors enable trainers to write on them and they are also in a position to customize their presentations there and then. PowerPoint presentation software is utilized to generate customized training sessions for groups which are led by trainers. Training material can be given to the employees on CDROM and it can be displayed on large screens for any number of trainees and at any location. Employees can use these programs individually. It allows for easier make-up sessions for those employees who have missed group sessions. This method is considered as one of the most powerful and popular lecture demonstration mediums that can be combined well with several other interactive methods and handouts.
  • Video Portions – A trainer’s lectures could be split up with video portions that help explain various sections of a particular topic. They could also present case studies and involve the group for discussion.
  • Story Telling – Stories could be used as great training modules and can serve as great examples of performing skills. This method has proved to be a very effective one, particularly when it is followed by debriefing questions on how the stories relate to the training and what the group thought about the choices made by the main characters or how this group would have handled a situation differently. The technique makes communication simpler as there are no right answers and no individual in the group would feel threatened by the questions. Stories can help make the sessions highly personal.

The major advantages of classroom training led by instructors include presentation of a large volume of content to groups of any size and at any location. The training sessions are personal and the face-to-face kind as against training that is computer-based. This type of training makes sure that every participant receives the same information and at one time. It is cost-effective when you do not involve guest speakers and the sessions always grab the attention of employees who are being trained.

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