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Business organizations have started taking the confidence levels and their knowledge of products quite seriously. Product knowledge will go a long way in effecting a sale and will eventually get profits for any enterprise. Product training programs are essential to achieve this.

Here are seven useful tips that can be followed for creating and nurturing effective training in product knowledge that will get you valuable return on the dollars that you spend for this purpose –

  • Make the training session interesting – Trainees will take interest and attend training sessions if they find that they are engaging. They will be able to understand the need for accumulating relevant information on specific products. In order to make the product training session a fun experience, several methods can be used to add interactive elements like scenarios and group discussions for online learning. These are good demonstrations of how product training can help them on their sales field.
  • It is better to use training experts – People who are adept in elementary product knowledge will do well as trainers. They will help your sales representatives understand all the workings and mechanisms of specific products. Trainees will also be in a better position to have their problems with products resolved with the support of experts. Some organizations resort to the use of product training by the industry experts which is video-based.
  • Use various training delivery methods – There are various methods that can be used for delivery of product training. It is up to a business organization to select the appropriate one for its specific needs. An audio-visual method of delivery generates more impact than the pedantic ways. It is better to vary the style and the pace of training to make it effective. You can also use e-learning and make your staff go through it anywhere and anytime.
  • Use feedback – Learning experience can be reinforced of your company’s product sales workforce when the trainer takes feedback from them. This feedback is in the form of a brief quiz or follow-up reports. It serves a dual purpose of allowing trainees to recall what they have learned and also helping them to boost their level of confidence while selling the product.
  • Using information in a repetitive way – Repetition of information and recapitulation of previous sessions of training enable the employees to remember crucial information. Refresher courses are examples of such repetition in training. Micro-learning modules of product training can be used to serve as refresher units for the product sales reps.
  • Learning has to be delivered in smaller doses – Product training sessions can be made more effective if they are delivered in smaller doses and made to be of shorter duration. Byte-sized training can be given a shot where sales force is offered information in smaller bytes at various intervals. In this way, they do not get burned out as they do not have to cover extensive subjects or topics, all at once.
  • Applying knowledge in a correct way – It will benefit the sales force if the trainer assigns them tasks which are related to product training. The trainees can then apply their knowledge with a practical perspective and they will not be able to forget what they have learnt. This is highly motivating for them as they realize that the learning investment has been used in the right way. For example, the training course for product sales can be made to include a fail-safe environment where your marketing representative tries to negotiate a sale with an actual customer.

When your marketing representatives gain intensive product knowledge, they can sell better and they can sell more. You will increase the bottom line for your company when you create product training of an effective kind.

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