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Telephone answering services for business with live phone call support, with the best virtual reception services before using video calling software

When it comes to protecting your business, your brand and your business, especially incoming sales calls you should have a telephone answering service in place. If you have a receptionist, they take holidays, go to the bathroom and are costly when it comes to covering all the hours in a week, We use a great phone answering provider who take our incoming calls, then we go to video calls once they come in. when you combine the best option for engaging client and business partners, you’ll have a winning combination for maintaining and growing your business, and your profits.

Don’t lose business by not answering your calls.  When you are not in your office or you are in meetings you need someone to answer your calls. If you need full-time telephone answering service we can organise such services with our business partner who we use ourselves.

We use a dedicated telephone number which they answer and then take messages or transfer through to our team. Once the client is being talked to our team then where possible use the full power of Zoom to have virtual face to face video calls, to maximise the effectiveness of the meeting with new and existing clients. We never miss any appointments or lose any prospects calling in about our video meeting services.

We love the fact we have a professional receptionist service to answer your Calls! And they are extremely Affordable Virtual Office Solutions. Our affordable cloud office solutions help Australian businesses present a professional image to the world. Let our Receptionist see to it that all your calls are answered promptly.

Conference calls which you need to organise before they happen, need white glove treatment when it comes to being organised and our friendly virtual receptionists service provider have been the best when it comes to managing every sales call before we start collaborating with them online in video meetings or webinars.

They personally transfer our client calls to our mobiles, landlines or take messages which get sent via email and/or SMS as needed and filter out the call we don’t want so we can focus on video meetings which count.

Being able to have meetings from anywhere at anytime works perfectly with a Virtual Office, and perfectly with a virtual reception. Our business is getting calls answered around the clock. We rely on them to answer calls, while we professionally support our client or promote our services through virtual online video meetings which allows our business to stay profitable.

If you need to sign up for a virtual online business meeting solution or a telephone answering service with professional who will best present your business and uphold your brand, then get in touch with us or our business partner. Make sure you have your phones covered at all times or you have the tools to have virtual face to face meetings to win more business.



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