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Gone are the days of Parents ‘never’ being able to make it for their child’s Parent-Teacher Conferences due to busy schedules, thanks to Online Video Conferencing giant, Zoom.

With Zoom’s teleconferencing solution ‘always on the go’ Online Conferencing Systems, Parents and ‘Parent Teacher Meetings,’ do not have to be ‘mutually exclusive anymore’.

It has been said that, kids of Parents who ‘get involved’ in Parent Teacher Conferences actually do much better in school. Furthermore, it gives the Teachers important time to relate their feedback about the child to the parent/s who could then motivate the child to achieve more and continue to excel.

The importance of engagement between the Educational Institution and Parents of their students is vital in some respect, to the success of the Institutions productivity with their pupils. Education is a vastly different today, when it comes to technology advancement and the way in which it is used to the benefit of the student for educational purposes.

With the latest advancements in Online Video Conferencing, it is great to know that Educational Institutions are following suit. By openly adopting Telecommunication Technology such as Zooms brilliant Online teleconferencing Software, the Education Faculties now have a better chance of more effective ‘Parent-Teacher’ engagement.

The opportunity is now open for you, the parent, to meet your child’s entire Teaching Team, even if you cannot make it there in person. Video Conferencing allows you to attend Parent Teacher Conferences Remotely. Student also use these same virtual video collaboration systems to collaborate and learn, to do work groups with other students or pupils and for online class rooms learning.

This sort of Technological Online Advancement could potentially lead to a ‘one hundred percent’ Parent Attendance.

  • No traffic jams.
  • No need to expensively travel unnecessarily.
  • Less reasons why you cannot ‘make it to school.’

Educational Institutions thrive on such Parent Involvement. In person teacher and parent meetings will never be replaced, but online virtual web systems are allowing us to never miss anything or the be involved when we previously could not.

Parents can now take a more active role in the Educational Future of their children, even if they can only attend an Online Video Teacher Parent Conference. The ease of accessibility on Personal Online Computers, Tablet Devices and Smartphones ensures that the interaction between the Teachers of the Educational Houses and the Parents of their students is quite imminent.

More involved parent participation could filter out into:

  • More interest from parents in the Educational Facility, their teaching faculty and learning modalities.
  • More effective school fund raising.
  • Engaging interaction between parents and teachers, even if done Remotely via teleconferencing

Becoming more actively involved in your Childs Education, ensures them of a brighter Educational Future.

Yes, Education is a pivotal point in a child’s life, but knowing exactly who your child’s teachers are and what the Educational Institution stands for in terms of Educational Quality is also of paramount importance. It is also fundamental for the Educational Facility and their Teaching Faculty to familiarize themselves with the parents of their Students.

This could benefit them by identifying with the different personality traits of the parents, possible home-life and the relationship between the child and the parent, which would allow them to better individualize their approach with the Students in order to motivate the best out of them. Students us video conf calls all the time, keep empowering them through virtual learning and interaction including teacher parent nights.

Zooms Online Video Conferencing Tools has continually benefitted a large number of Growing Industries which include, Government Institutions and Massive International Corporations. Educational Institutions and everyone involved, can rest assure that with Zooms Online Video Conferencing Software, the future is always that much brighter.

The Holistic Communication’s team can help you work out your educational, vocational and learning solution needs, no matter what technology or systems you might currently have, including electronic whiteboards.

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