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A Teleconferencing Solution that Work with Your Business -Small, Corporate, Enterprise or Government

When looking for a way to integrate virtual meetings into your company, many solutions are expensive and require special hardware. And many times, the collaboration tool does not work with your pre-existing technology. At Holistic Communications, we believe communication shouldn’t be a barrier to your business. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multinational corporation, spending money to replace technology is expensive. With options like Webex, Gotomeeting, Joinme and Skype/Skype for Business, you would have to start over. And that costs money. Zoom Unified Communication Platform, deployed by Holistic Communications, we work with the technology you already have. We have solutions for room systems to remote teams. And using your pre-existing hardware does not limit the quality and features you receive. Our platform works with some of the best technology in the world, like Crestron, giving you the optimal teleconferencing experience.

Teleconferencing Room Solutions

Crestron and other H.323/SIP endpoint room systems are large investments for any company. But pre-existing systems may not work with web conferencing software. The solution is Zoom. Zoom works with your current hardware to make communication as easy as possible. Our easy-to-navigate platform makes staying in touch a breeze. That way, you get more work done faster. With our room solutions, you get so many benefits:

  • Connect multiple H.323/SIP systems or MCU bridges
  • Supports H.235, H.239, H.264 and G.7222 protocols
  • Cloud-based or on-site room connectors
  • Patch pre-existing conference room hardware into the cloud with Zoom’s Room Connector

Effective communication shouldn’t be a hassle. That is why we designed the platform to function with you Crestron, polycom and other room systems. You can keep in touch with clients without having to spend money on travel. Your company saves money on travel and technology with Zoom. One of our customers saved over $500,000 on travel in the first month of deploying Zoom. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice to achieve this. Our quality will keep your meetings running smoothly.You also get added features when choosing Zoom. Not only do you get accessibility with your pre-existing systems, you get access to additional group collaboration features including:

  • Video breakout rooms
  • Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android compatibility
  • Secure messaging to individuals and groups
  • Annotation/co-annotation
  • Share screens and content with meeting attendees
  • Keyboard and mouse controls
  • Virtual whiteboards

Working with the Best Technology for Teleconferencing

Crestron products offer some of the best audio and video quality available for room systems. With such high quality in hardware, it makes sense to pair it with the best in HD audio and video quality in cloud web conferencing. In fact, Zoom is proven to provide the best quality in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Japan, China and throughout Asia.  The professional controls offered with Crestron help clients save money by seamlessly integrating in new spaces with new technology. Their Digital Media system is proved to better manage AV and control signals so you can teleconference from anywhere. Paired with Zoom’s easy-to-navigate platform, completing projects with teams around the work has never been easier. Some of Crestron’s features that optimise Zoom’s power include:

  • Maintain the optimal presentation environment with light controls, media settings and more.
  • Connect wirelessly from any device, allowing team members on smartphones and laptops to fully participate in your virtual meeting
  • Collaborate locally or with remote teams

Using hardware and a unified communication platform with obvious synergies allows your company to make progress. You can easily communicate with team members and clients all over the world. All you need is wifi and you are connected to the world. Crestron and Zoom together remove barriers to communication so you can be heard and seen loud and clear.

The quality of our video and audio is matched by Zoom’s quality features. We strive to be a complete teleconferencing solution by providing more than just web conferencing. Our revolutionary screen share technology from Android and iOS devices cannot be found anywhere else. You can share information with your team members and clients right from your phone. Whether it’s a photo, document, presentation or video clip, you have control from your fingertips.

Teleconferencing Working Remotely

Zoom works on any computer and allows attendees to access meetings in many ways. You and your team members are no longer limited by geographic location. Cloud video conferencing gives you access to your business and clients without having to spend money on travelling. You can connect in multiple ways including:

  • Zoom Rooms, our personal website login
  • Mobile app access from both Apple and Android devices
  • View-only mode, perfect to tuning into trainings and webinars hosted at headquarters
  • Free telephone dial-in from over 65 countries
  • Your pre-existing polycom room system, so you can work with a team that has gotten together or a client

Crestron’s audio and video hardware work great for remote teams. With an internet connection, you are able to utilise high quality technology with Zoom’s easy-to-navigate platform. If a meeting occurs while you’re off duty, a MP4 recording, annotation and shared content are stored right in the cloud. That way, you never have to worry about missing anything. You can stay connected to teams and clients around the world and work on your schedule. That’s why it is the best online meeting tool available.

With Zoom, you get solutions for a variety of business needs. We designed the platform to work with your company in mind. That is why we offer solutions for things like:

  • Video conferencing and teleconferencing
  • Boardrooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Meeting rooms, great for public and private institutions and government agencies
  • Lecture theatres
  • Training rooms
  • Classrooms, great for educational institutions and universities
  • Non-profit organisations, including places of worship, healthcare providers and hospital systems
  • Court rooms and other public services
  • Public displays
  • Interactive electronic whiteboards

If your company falls into any of these categories, Zoom Unified Communication system can offer you a total teleconferencing solution. With no other collaboration tool like it on the market, you can harness the power of technology, like Crestron products, to reach your goals. For more information, contact Holistic Communications today to find out how to get started.

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