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Steps to Create Better Teamwork While Engaging Attendees from Various Remote Locations

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies who have hired employees who work from various remote locations instead of in a centralised office. There are also a number of unique obstacles which result from the increase in remote employees. In response, there have been a number of different kinds of unified communication platforms which have been created in order to help companies address these issues. With these technologies teams have found ways to collaborate with one another while being able to remain in their remote locations, but the ability to collaborate is only as good as the meeting software being used by the company. Your software needs to offer you the tools necessary to work effectively and allow for better teamwork and engagement of meeting attendees. Your software should allow you to use the following steps to create better teamwork while engaging attendees from various remote locations. If not, you might be in the market for new meeting software.

Step 1 – Make sure your team has the right tools to do their job effectively

When working remotely, it is important for your team to be able to communicate effectively and share information efficiently with one another for them to be successful. When there is a breakdown in the flow of communication sharing, the team’s progress is delayed. Some of the various tools used by remote teams include:

  • Screen sharing allows different people to share information from one person’s screen to one or more person’s screen in “real time” so they can see the same information. This powerful tool allows teams to collaborate and have a visual reference point when discussing a topic in online meetings.
  • File sharing is similar to screen sharing, but instead allows meeting participants to instantly send a file to other participants within the meeting. Zoom meetings allow participants to share files within the software; however, many other platforms require your team to leave the meeting software and send a file by email to other meeting participants. This requires additional time, and the need for employees to switch back and forth between programs.
  • Instant messaging permits team members to send a written message from one to another or to multiple people without disrupting the person speaking in the online meetings. This also allows for team members to make quick decisions instead of having to hold multiple meetings or send numerous emails back and forth to one another to solve an issue that could have otherwise only taken a moment to address.
  • Using a whiteboard has often been a go to in your standard conference room, but with a virtual meeting, many platforms do not offer the ability to brainstorm or take notes as easily. Zoom meetings has a whiteboard feature integrated into the meeting, which allows for the presenter and the participants (when enabled) to make annotations together making brainstorming a breeze.

Step 2 – Make sure you communicate clearly with meeting participants the specific purposes and goals of the meeting. When you schedule online business meetings, it is important for everyone to know before they attend the meeting the purpose of the meeting. When everyone knows the goal of the meeting, they are able to come prepared to address the issue at hand, and can collaborate and engage with one another more efficiently. Your meeting software should allow you to quickly invite attendees and allow for you to communicate this purpose clearly. If not, your software may not be allowing your team to work as efficiently as it can.

Step 3 – When you work with multiple employees from different remote locations in different time zones, it is particularly important everyone is able to engage with one another. There are a number of things which make this easier for your team to accomplish.

  • Make sure your software specifies the time zone for meetings, and compensates for different time zones when inviting attendees.
  • Ideally all participants will be able to be available at the same time for a meeting. Unfortunately this is not always possible. In the event an attendee is not able to participate for any reason, like significant time zone differences, or travelling and not able to use their mobile device while flying, the meeting information should be made readily available for them to be able to reference and stay informed of the team’s progress. Zoom meetings makes this particularly easy, as it allows the host to record the meeting’s audio, visual, and any meeting chats or annotations for quick access later.

Step 4 –

Make sure all team members are able to easily access the meeting software, no matter where they are located. Some software options only work on a desktop computer. Other types of software only allow for participants on mobile devices to dial-in to the meeting like a traditional telephone conference call. Ideally, the software you use would allow participants to use their computer or mobile devices interchangeably. Zoom video conferencing allows participants to join a meeting from both Windows and Mac computers, as well as from most Android and Apple based mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. As a result, employees do not need to be sitting at their desks to be able to participate, and can join a meeting easily while travelling, from their mobile devices.

If your current online business meeting software does not allow you to ensure your team has the tools they need to work efficiently then it is not allowing your team members to work as efficiently as they can when working from remote locations. As a result, your company may benefit from looking into a different service provider to meet your virtual meeting needs to better create teamwork and engage meeting attendees. If you are not happy with your current provider, our team with Zoom meetings is ready to assist you in determining if Zoom is right solution for you. We even offer a free plan where you can hold short meetings with your team for you to try for as long as you like.

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