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With all the technological advancements of today’s digital world it is hard for small or even medium sized business owners to get a handle on their internet security protocols, unless you foot the huge bill for an internal internet technology team, that can do all the hard work for your business. Zoom, by Holistic Communications, offers extreme security protocols which protect small and medium sized businesses from unwanted security hacks and does all the IT protection handling for those that don’t want the unneeded hassle of paying large payrolls or hiring contracted IT professionals. This makes it even easier for small business owners to have online video conferencing communication software solutions that will get the job done in the world wide-web, the world of the twenty first century, without worrying about serious security problems.

What Does Zoom video conferencing software platform Have?

Zoom, brought to you by Holistic Communications, offers the best in class conferencing and communications software systems that place security of the highest priority within the lifecycle of its business operations within both their hybrid cloud and public domain networks to offer small and medium sized businesses the most vigorous set of security structures to meet and exceed their collaboration and communication needs.  The hybrid cloud network that supports Zoom’s unified communications software solution was built from the ground up and is a scalable, proprietary, real time, global, high quality network specifically built and designed for unique Zoom users. Zooms real time data is hosted via a tier one data centers all over the United States and is a distributed network of low-latency software multi-media routers within Zooms communication infrastructure. The router automatically switches data from the host to participant’s device and never stores any data on the infrastructures servers.  Real time audio, video and data are stored at compliant datacenters spread out across the U.S. at SSAE 16 SOC2 server houses which is just another unique security benefit offered to all Zoom users. All users connect and are routed using only firewalled compatible and established connections using udp or tcp ports 8801, 8802, 8804 or HHTPS.

Ultimate Video Meeting Security

Holistic Communications integrates and ensures that all video meeting software and security protocols are in place to protect you and your business at all times. Each online meeting or a cloud based conference has security protocols which include end to end encryption, secured log in with usernames and passwords, secured meeting invites, secured billing and reporting and advanced application security or Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) 256-bit algorithm for all virtual presentations and online meetings at the application layer for advanced security measures.

Admin Controls and Special Features

Zoom communications strategy solution presented by Holistic Communications comes standard with advanced administration controls which include SAML single sign on and the ability to add and delete users and add other admins. The ability to upgrade or degrade other admin accounts and delete user accounts at will. Administration controls also allow for billing and reporting controls along with management of account dashboard and cloud recording. The admin also has special features which include being able to control special API functions such as special passcodes, secure web services, deploying secure web calls over secret web services and connection to deploy meetings over the hybrid cloud. All these special services and API controls are done on a secure network with no hassles or worries, ever. Get your free trial of Zoom’s ultimate and most secure collaboration and communication software solution from Holistic Communications today!

When you combine al the security option available in zoom online video conferencing with the IT dashboard where you can monitor your meetings, webinars, training session live, and provide live support and enter the meeting to assist you have the best technical solution there is. And you can see all live or old meeting information to go back and investigate who and what equipment and link they were on for later diagnosis. All this available for all sized businesses.

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