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No telecommunication network limits or restrictions when it comes to video and audio meetings

Businesses are constantly evolving and so is the technology you are using. When searching for web conference provider, it is important to consider what works with the systems you already have set in place. Holistic Communications is your partner helping you move your business forward. With Zoom Unified Communication Platform, you will never have to worry about buying new equipment. We work with you to help you accomplish your goals in the best way possible. That is why it is the best online meeting tool on the market!

Competitors like Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Joinme and Gotomeeting require you to download additional software, buy new hardware or purchase extensions for an extra cost to get all the features. That’s ridiculous! That is why Zoom, deployed by Holistic Communications provides more features than any other web conferencing tool without charging you more.

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Zoom is all about options, not just simple software to video chat with your colleagues. It is more much more than that. We believe in flexibility and versatility because you never know where to job will take you. When participating in a virtual meeting, you can connect via Zoom Rooms, the company’s personal website login; view-only mode, perfect for webinars and syndicated video, including broadcasting live on YouTube for unlimited audiences; H.323/SIP polycom room systems compatibility, for when you can get a group together; or free telephone dial-in in over 65 countries. In fact, Zoom has been rated the highest in quality in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Japan and any country in Asia. Having options doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. Mac users rejoice! Zoom works with both Mac and Windows systems.

Not in the office? No problem. Zoom allows you to connect with iOS and Android smartphones as well! That way you never have to miss a meeting when you’re on the go. You can even use push-to-talk to participate in the group chat and contribute your ideas. You can still go get coffee and be the office hero without missing a beat.

When you’re in the office, you get even more options. Zoom is dual screen compatible, and you can switch between full screen and gallery views any time during the meeting. It also includes whiteboard and group messaging features so you can brainstorm your next big project and share it with others. Want to contribute, but don’t want to interrupt? Zoom also includes a “hand raise” feature you can let your voice be heard while still minding your manners.

Seeing is Believing

Zoom allows you to share content through the platform. Not only does screen sharing work on your Mac or Windows devices, it also has the unique capability to share screens from Android and iOS devices. Whether it is a Powerpoint, document, photo or video clip, you can keep it all within the software. This will save you time and help you keep yourself organized so you can get more done.

It also works with Google and Microsoft so you can integrate your calendar directly into the platform. No more scheduling meetings and someone having a conflict. Now you can look before setting it up. Need to have an unscheduled meeting last minute? Zoom does not limit you on when you use your software. Holistic Communications is your partner and your teleconferencing solution. You can start a video or messaging chat at any time and receive the same great quality and care.

Speaking of quality…

We offer customers a higher quality product than our competitors. I know everyone company says they are the best, but this time, it is true. Over 500,000 companies love the cloud video conferencing of Zoom because of its quality assurance. It comes equipped with high definition video and sound, voice detection and high resolution screen shares. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice to get the best. You need the best software that manages all of your options and works with what you have.

Just like it works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Outlook, Zoom works with your telecommunication providers network conditions to ensure you have the best quality stream no matter how poor an individual’s connection is. Holistic Communications works over network services delivered by telecom companies like Telstra, Singtel, Vodaphone, Macquarie Telecom, TPG, Optus, NZ Telecom, bigpond, IINet, transact, tata, bnsl, Airtel, MCN, Starhub, Orange, Verizon and more. With so many options, you can stay in touch and stay competitive against big businesses. With free dial-in and so many telecommunication providers on board, there is no excuse for teams to not collaborate effectively. You do not have to give up the system you are already paying for to get superior quality. We work with you to deliver the product that works for you.

You need a self-assessing technology which can manage the bandwidth, the latency, the packet loss and jitter and all the different network possibilities or connections you can think of. Dial up connections are still used all the way up to NBN business connections with capabilities of multiple megabit video streams at once. With the added benefits of Qos marking for superior prioritization there is no need to struggle anymore when it comes to video communications and meetings. With the added built in amplification and dampening, along with packet loss management, your audio has never been so clear, so loud nor come with so many option for connecting.

We’re working for you

And here’s how. Not only do you have access to the highest quality available in web conferencing, but you also have access to records of past conversations. Zoom features MP4 recording of video and/or shared content. It also annotates and co-annotates meetings so you don’t have to stress about missing something. With Zoom, you can be fully present in a meeting, even if you are across the world. Zoom is not just software¸ it is a collaboration tool that allows you to stay in touch with your team members and your clients in one easy-to-use platform.

By working with the equipment and telecommunication providers you have, Holistic Communications helps you grow at your own pace. Communication can no longer hold you back. The system also works with pre-existing hardware such as the H.323/SIP polycom system and Logitech web cameras. We are not here to make your lives more complicated. On the contrary, we want to be a tool that enables your success, all with the added assurance of quality security measures.

If you or anyone on your team are looking for the best online meeting tool with superior audio, web and video communications, ask you team at Holistic Communications today how to get started.

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