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There are so many business industries in today’s day and age that the list almost seems too long to write about who use enterprise voice systems, services for their businesses every single day. Enterprise voice is your traditional telephone capabilities where you have a desk phone, reception and people can make, take, forward, transfer hold, divert release and park calls. Traditionally this has been managed by traditional private branch exchange (PBX) systems but is being replaced by modern software to deliver a stand-alone Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offering.

So rather than have a desk phone you have a number which can be diverted to your laptop, desk phone or mobile. This now being integrated into your business or organisational needs and uses of Teleconferencing Collaboration Tools to bring the unified communications systems together. Enterprise Voice users can call customers traditional phone numbers outside of your organization’s VoIP network or PBX.

Small Businesses, Large Enterprises, Health Sectors, Multi-Billion Dollar Conglomerates, The Private Sector, Government Organizations, Mining Industries, World Non-Profit Organisations and even Universities have realized the massive impact that Enterprise Voice may have to their respective Sectors when combined with their unified communication’s strategies.

With what you are about to read, it is needless to say that the adoption of this Technology has been very eagerly undertaken. Combining collaborative technologies together with enterprise voice solutions you have the modern platform need to stay in front of the competition.

So what exactly is, Enterprise Voice?

The very basic answer would be Software application, but, Software app with a multitude of functions and uses. Enterprise voice is still controlled in many organisations by hardware (PABX). The software enables Telephonic Capabilities over the Internet. The benefits that this brings to Corporations are spread around the world are massive.

Users are now able to hold Online Meetings, Virtual Research and Development Discussions and also Video Lectures. These are but a few examples of the benefits of Teleconferencing Collaboration Tools. Enterprise voice, traditional PSTN calls are good at what they do, modern meeting and conferencing solutions for collaboration are brilliant at what they deliver. Bring them both together is the hardest part and both are needed. Each organisation is different in their needs.

Let us break down where Enterprise Voice solution are impacting business:

  • Host and Attend Online Meetings
  • Host and Attend Web Conferencing
  • Enterprise Video Conferencing
  • Web Based Training
  • Easy Integrated Scheduling with your Calendar System
  • Mobile Online Scheduling
  • Video Webinars

Enterprise Voice relies on smart, least-cost routing algorithms for calls to the PSTN. For board meetings, SIP and enterprise voice is used for making the bridges large enough and capable for dialing people in to the boardroom meetings from their traditional phones and connect people using the internet. It is a hybrid mix which I now real world.

What importance does this lend to Local and International Infrastructure?

  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Time saving
  • Broad spectrum communicative abilities
  • Competitive advantage
  • Reduced or complete eradication of expensive travel
  • Communication is clear and concise
  • Increased participant “attendance”
  • Heightened productivity
  • Contributes to retention of employees

If this is what a company like Zoom can offer its teleconferencing Users, the question of making the transition to utilizing their software is quite a simple one. The traditional PBX is no longer able to deliver the full requirements of an organisation. It is the corner stone of a business as the phones need to ring, but this is becoming less and less how people are communicating. Mobile phone, video, and collaboration are the way in which people are operating. Combining all these into one ecosystems is the way of the future, and it is here now. It takes time to get to this point.

How could you extend your reach with the modern communications system, rather than using traditional methods.

What about the individual? Surely there must be something in it for them too?

Take a single mother that might have a teaching degree but unable to get a teaching job or an individual that has a qualification to teach English to Foreign Students but prefers to remain on home soil, working a regular job. Both these individuals can favorably supplement their income by teaching via an Online Video Teaching Platform after working hours. With their phone and meeting capabilities able to follow them no matter where they may be. The world of PABX phone systems has changed how people can function.

With ten thousand viewers, and up to 500 video participants, Zoom makes including everyone in a mass Virtual Meetings, a breeze. There is no limit to the scalability which Zoom can deliver any organisation. One could have Video Conferencing of Board Members at a business branch year-end function thanking all of their employees for the great work that they have put in for the year. With all your bridging needs now no longer needing your attention or management, take advantage of zoom for this.

Mass staff Virtual Training no matter where in the world they are based. This saves so much of time and monetary resources, which further increases efficiency. Zoom truly has such a wide range of uses over a very broad spectrum of opportunities. Their Telecommunications Products are fast, clean and intuitive, again saving precious time.

Enterprise Voice provides many benefits over and above the productivity enhancements that accrue to users:

  • Minimal Equipment and hard is required to implement Enterprise Voice and minimal changes to your current telephony infrastructures.
  • There is flexibility in integrating part or all of your current PBX systems with your Enterprise Voice, this give you the best of both worlds and knowledge that your reception will always have clients calling.
  • Least-cost routing drive saving for Enterprise Voice so you don’t make expensive PSTN calls where possible.

A sector getting great advantage for example is mining. One of the important factors that affect the Mining Sector is the lack of Community support in certain regions.  Some communities feel that they are kept in the dark in regards to the effects that these mining endeavors might negatively impact on them.

By using Zooms Online Video Solution, the relevant parties can host Webinars explaining the positive effects that such a project might have on the immediate population. With Zooms excellent audio and 5x digital video zooming capabilities, everyone is sure to be seen and effectively heard. With high definition HD and now 4k video, the quality of your video needs to match your audio experience expectations. It is like you are really there and no matter if VoiP, PSTN, Video you are getting the best outcome possible.

This gives the Mining Establishment the opportunity to build trust and relationships with the people of the Community, gaining their support. In turn, this will make the process more seamless for all those involved for both the Mining Corporation and the Community.

Enterprise Voice allows you to have VoiP calls between staff at a low cost, as it is traversing your network or the internet, not the telephone network, but where and when you need to dial out of the organisation you can leverage the connectivity to the traditional PSTN lines.

When you pair your IM, video conferencing, audio conference and video features, with integration with google calendar or Microsoft Outlook and Exchange you bring your communications ecosystem together seamlessly. There are a lot of parts to work through but when successfully understood the rewards are immense.

There are various ways in which you can implement enterprise voice solutions into your organisation and reasons, which will be dependent on the current set up, user needs, and team resources available to do so.

Zooms HD Quality Web Conferencing also has an effect on the Health Sector. With the ability to have biopsies, blood test samples and other health related tests uploaded and viewed by invited participants, the chance of a faster more accurate identification of the tests is now made possible. Call people into conference calls, attach video and screen share to this experience without the need of using multiple solutions.

Experts in the relative field can all simultaneously view the test samples and make a more informed decision. This is of supreme importance when diagnosing anything health or even life-threatening. These sessions can all be recorded and safely stored for follow up viewings and to serve as a basis in a patients hospital ‘file.’ No longer do you just make a phone call, you decide the environment you need to make the fastest, best and most accurate decisions using all the tools available in the one system.

Zoom has outstandingly made such a major positive impact on such a plethora of different Industries, Companies, Sectors and Organizations. The number of benefits that Zoom’s Online Video Collaboration Tools bring is too big to be ignored. From Major Business Corporations, to Individual usage, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy such a wide variety of functions. Whoever it is, that chooses to take advantage of the Enterprise Voice Software capabilities, their industries and themselves are perfectly catered for and can rest knowing that security, affordability and quality is at the top of the priority list for Zoom.

To understand how your current system for communications could be leveraging zoom communication platform, ask the holistic Communications team today.

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