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There are many virtual collaboration tools that you can utilize while using Zoom’s whiteboard software. With a plethora of options you can make your virtual video meetings more productive. Make certain that you use all of different audio, scheduling, screen sharing functions and many more for a smooth meeting.

Sharing information

Sharing information is one of the main ideas of a meeting. Being able to have virtual video meetings allows people from all over the world to share information. There are several sharing tools in the Zoom system and applications with screen sharing a very useful feature. With this you can share a screen from your computer that you need someone else to see in real-time. Neither one of you would have to take a break to go to your e-mails to look at the screenshot. This also works with file sharing. If you may have forgotten to send all of the documents ahead of time, you can share them in real time to save frustration. You can add images including graphs or prints that would be relevant to your meeting. Zoom corporate meeting software is so simple to use.

Adding videos

Adding videos is a great tool as well. If there is a video that you recorded you can upload it and share it with others. You can also upload and share videos from YouTube or anywhere from the internet. This tool would be useful for sharing examples for your team. These are just two examples but there are countless more. Being able to share all of this information makes certain that everyone is on the same page.

Schedule a meeting

There are several different tools for scheduling meetings. You can schedule regular meetings or follow-up meetings. This will be helpful so that at the end of the meeting everyone will know when the next will occur. One of the most useful tools is for breakout meetings. If you and another colleague need to step away from the current meeting or have a continuation on your own it is easy to set up a breakout meeting.

Record meetings

Recording is a feature that helps during a meeting and after. You can record your meeting for viewing later by yourself or for other colleagues. This is an excellent tool for review. If for any reason you need to return to a point in the meeting, it is all there for you to view again.

Audio calls

Audio call is a valuable tool in this application. If you need to call someone who was not already in the meeting then everyone can participate if need be. There is also a mute function if it becomes necessary to have a side bar with another participant in the meeting.

Overall, the tools are plenty and they are very user friendly. This allows for you to have a smooth meeting with little to no interference. This application also has great security and security can be important. This makes for easy and worry-free meetings but only when you are using Zoom.


What are the different ways in which business, enterprise, government, corporate and organisations like not-for-profit’s are using different communication to drive their goals and initiatives:

Fast Food Franchises have found a substantial reduction in debit and credit card processing costs while making use of an Enterprise Voice System. This Collaborative Tool further sped up the transaction process, allowing customers to move through their queues much faster. Major Banking Institutions have even found an increase in revenue when making use of an Enterprise Voice infrastructure.

Government Organizations have also seen the sheer advantages of utilizing Virtual Web based Technology to keep the user experience in one ecosystem rather than several. Security in this regard is paramount, and as a consumer you can rest assured that an Enterprise Voice System from a company such as Zoom has the latest and best in protective and preventative measures in place.

The positive effects of Telecommunications is clearly apparent in regards to Big Business, Government and various International Sectors, but what sort of advantages could such a Teleconferencing System have, let’s say on the Educational front?

It’s the first day of an important lecture and as faith would usually have it, you are stuck in bed surrounded by a pile of used tissues. It happens more often than we care to realize. Thanks to Online Video Capabilities though, you may still ‘attend’ the lecture. No added stress to your illness for having to miss out on vital information, no need to ride the train or jump on a bus feeling like you have been hit by the plague. No, just a warm, cosy Online Interaction. What makes this Web Based Audio and Video Technology even more versatile is that more and more schools are allowing this in their classrooms.

What if the tables were turned and the roles reversed? A Lecturer might not be able to brave the cold, also due to illness or maybe even an Injury and has 40 or more students waiting on him or her. Online Video Conferencing like Zooms offerings are such a saving grace. Not only would the Lecturer be able to quench the thirst for knowledge of the eagerly awaiting students, this will be done comfortably and more importantly will be carried out remotely, (if due to a contagious illness).

This would then filter down into Online Tutoring which would benefit both the Tutor and the Student.

  • The Tutor now has a much broader reach. The ability to run consecutive lessons, every hour on the hour, for as long as preferred it directly increases earning potential. Online Tutoring Classes can be held by the Tutor and attended by students from different areas, different states or even different countries. Before a communication tool like Zoom, this would have been impossible due to the lack of Telecommunication Technology. The eradication of a need to travel is extremely cost effective.
  • The time saved by the student/students and the parents involved is priceless. Okay, maybe not as ‘priceless’ as massive Fuel Savings. It now seems that Zoom also saves households unnecessary Fuel expenditure, which in today’s intense Economy is nothing short of a blessing.

Less stress is placed on the child to keep up with extra mural activities, studying AND still incorporate travelling time to and from Tutoring Sessions, and will surely ensure more productivity in the classroom.

I think that it is fair to mention that the parent who has to drive the child around to school, sporting activities and extra classes will be so grateful for this advancement in technology. Your phone number can now follow you around and come with you, not just stay sitting on your desk.


Are we seeing the massive effect that owning such profound virtual meeting Software has for us?

An interesting area is the effect that such Technology has had on the Fitness Industry. Qualified Personal Trainers are no longer limited to the confines of a Gym. Online Video Capabilities has taken their scope of Clientele to an International level. What a confidence booster it must be to know that you are enriching the lives of individuals in different countries all around the world while doing exactly what you love.

The gaming industry, the music industry, any industry actually, can find some sort of gain with the use of Enterprise Voice Systems. One of the main considerations when purchasing a Video Conferencing Setup is the price. Zoom always delivers on great value for money with affordable pricing.

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