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Deploy an All-in-one Platform

It can be difficult to find a solution which covers all communication and collaboration needs. The solution needs to:

  • Be Easy to use
  • Have Quality Audio, Video & Screen Share
  • Simply work every time
  • Manage all bandwidth connection
  • Work with all Video conference Equipment
  • Work with any device
  • Allow for mobility
  • Have IT Dashboards and Controls
  • Allow for LIVE support in meeting
  • Be used from Desktop, Rooms, devices and H.323/SIP

Use Any Hardware – Old & New

When it comes to investing in the right unified communications software and equipment it can be limiting if you chose a different path only a few years earlier. If you have locked into your old strategy because you still need to get the return out of what you purchased, then you are not alone. With Zoom cloud meetings you can take advantage of the software defined video conferencing (SDVC) architecture which allows you to use your old hardware and your new hardware. We like Logitech group video conference equipment for value and compatibility with Zoom.

Success is Measured by Adoption and Use.

The cheapest is about Total Cost of Ownership and Price. We rule both.

Zoom Meetings Platform

Zoom is quite simply the best communications platform for all your meeting and collaboration needs. With the best quality audio, video and screen share you can get, you need to try it for yourself. It is the cheapest for total cost of ownership, and saves organisations as much as 70% on traditional systems. If you need a meeting solution, for video, instant messaging and more which just works everytime, then you came to the right place. With the full capabilites for all meeting needs and with IT dashboards and controls built in for live support and technical management and monitoring you will have full control and felxability.

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Video Conferencing Hardware

Holistic are a premium partner of Logitech Group which provide all the camera’s, latest NUC’s, headsets and equipment for high definition video and audio. We can provide alternate solutions from other solution providers for touch screens and the latest electronic whiteboards for full collaboration. Putting the right solution for desktop, video conference rooms, huddles rooms and devices can all be managed by our team. If you have any requirements or questions, then reach out to our team today.

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Holistic's IT Consulting

If you are looking to design and implement a communications strategy of solution and would like assistance or validation of your strategy, then Holistic team can help you. If you are looking for help in implementing your hardware solutions for video conferencing then we can halp you. If you need professional services for integration, Single Sign On (SSO) and more then our consulting team are here to assist any way you require.

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