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Send Large Files from Your Unified Communication System, Instant Messaging Virtual Online Meetings

Holistic delivers Zoom communication systems to businesses in the Australia-Australasia-Asia pacific region to enable high quality online virtual meeting and web video conferencing, along with a wide variety of professional collaboration features.

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Send Files Up To 500 Megabytes without Any External Solutions

Zoom Rooms enables its users to send files that are up to 500 Megabytes in size during their business meetings. For this you do not need to use any other file sending applications simultaneously during your meetings.

Zoom can do it all. From sharing screen captures from your desktop, mobile or tablet devices, and business critical files without any hassle. Best of all, everything is protected by encrypted protection and you control permissions for shared files. Zoom provides fast file and screen sharing during live meetings or whenever you feel the need to.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Send Files Up to 512MB

Not only will you enjoy true HD video conferencing with any number of participants, but you can send and receive large files up to 512 MB in size. File transfer when in your virtual web conferences is vital to collaboration.

Persistent Chat For Viewing Old File Trnsfers

Holistic's Zoom Rooms allows businesses to view and access previous file transfers by accessing the chat history through its dashboard. In fact, you can go into any past chat and view the complete file transfer history to get what you’re looking for. For the convenience of businesses, Zoom is configured to save and store all past interactions between you and your chat participants. Everything is saved in secure encrypted servers, and can be accessed instantly.

Send Any File You Need Too

Holistic's Zoom online web meetings lets you send and receive all file formats, without any hassle. Zoom Rooms is the ultimate advanced, yet easy to use business collaboration for all platforms and devices.

Encryption and Protection You Need

Best of all, everything is protected by encrypted protection and you control permissions for shared files. Zoom provides fast file and screen sharing during live meetings or whenever you feel the need to.

No Need to have Multiple Solution to send large Files or transfer Files

Holistic's Large File transfer functionality is exactly what every business and organisation requires in today's information era.

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Extend your instant meetings and video conferences with the ability to move participants to breakout rooms for further collaboration. Ask a Holistic Communications Expert How today.

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Recipients Can Download Later or Instantly

Your file recipients can click download to view and use any text, audio or video file instantly. This feature is available group conversations, as well as in breakout rooms or private chats. It is the easiest way to send files during high-level business meetings and video conferences.

Secure File Tranfser

. It enables HD voice and video conferencing, unlimited duration meetings, breakout rooms, instant screen capture, recording, fast file sharing and several other great features. It is a completely secure platform that gives meeting admins full control over their participants’ permissions, and the ability to view and monitor communications from an intuitive dashboard. Armed with a powerful meeting connector, Zoom ensures that you get the best for your business communications.

Send Files Real-Time

Zoom allows its users to send large files in real-time to any number of participants through its chat features. You get options to capture screens, send pictures and files in chat windows. Zoom enables users to send files as large as 512MB in size.


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