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Software solutions and screen sharing service apps offer various facilities for professional use. You may be needing to share your slide deck or help one of your employees troubleshoot some technical issues while giving presentations to your particular department; numerous services are offered by these apps, sometimes after charging a monthly fee for it.

Software developers have made sure that these apps could be used by various parties involved to share their screens for the purpose of video conferencing. These apps have been created after using desktop sharing. Screen sharing allows shared access to identified computer screens. Software involved for screen sharing has numerous methods that allow various multiples to share a screen on a remote basis. It also has a terminal emulator which can aid its work, graphically.

These are the best apps available for screen sharing that will help you to conduct virtual collaboration:-

  • Skype – This is a screen sharing service that is used by most people in the world today when they use video for chatting with family, friends and colleagues besides using it as a screen sharing medium. Previously, users required a subscription when they wanted to use this screen sharing service, but for almost a year now, Skype has opened up this feature as a free account for its users. You can now send files and share the screen either with individuals or a group.
  • TeamViewer – This is a free app for personal and professional use. It offers various features. It will work across numerous platforms that include Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android and iOS. It is available for users in thirty languages. Besides screen sharing services, you can also share audio and video feeds with other people. You can choose to show portions of your screen or only specific programs if you do not want to share your complete desktop. This app supports chat, file sharing and whiteboard functions. You need to download it first before you start using it and you can send email to the selected participants about it.
  • Join.me – This screen sharing software is easy to use and is free of hassles to allow people to get on with their business meetings. It is free for users with basic features and it offers capability of inviting up to ten participants along with VoIP features. The free version also allows you to use your mobile app, share controls and transfer files besides having a maximum of four whiteboards on the iPad app. You have to download the desktop app before you start using it.
  • ShowMyPC – It offers integrated and free collaboration tools after you download its software. When you start it up, you have to generate a password which you can send to selected participants. If you have not done that, in order to log into a business meeting, you can enter the code in a separate box provided for the purpose of access and participants can then enter the meeting. Users can take screen shots and chat with the free service they are given. They have to pay subscription fees if they want to switch presenters or share files or record the meetings.

Software for screen sharing has gone through a whole lot of transformation in the technology and communication sector. Despite many barriers of a geographical nature, people are now able to conduct meetings, connect with family and friends by sharing their screens and information. Excessive costs like travelling expense and telephone charges besides valuable time are saved. Instant messaging has now become easy with the introduction such screen sharing software. All you need to do is welcome other users and disseminate information to them after you download these apps, online.

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