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Do you need to share your screen with others when in virtual meetings? When it comes to collaborating, and expediting your discussion and conversations having a reliable, fast and responsive screen sharing capabilities is critical in the success of your meetings.

Zoom is an all in one platform Video Conferencing Service. When you get Zoom video conferencing software you get screen sharing for free as part of the solution. A user needs to sign in in-order to broadcast their screen, but a participant will not need to sign in but will need to type in a PIN generated by the host in order to participate in the meeting. With Zoom you have option to share your desktop, you can also share content from your tablets and smartphones, there is chat screen. The screen sharing software allows you to use the whiteboarding feature. You can use it as View only, or you have controls which allow you to share with a particular participant.

Screen-sharing services offer many use applications for both small business, enterprise through to personal and professional use. From sharing a slide deck, to helping others troubleshoot a technical issue by giving remote support or giving a presentation to your team or other divisions, to client demonstrations and presentations, then it is Holistic and Zoom which you are looking for and need.

Common question we get asked are:

  • How can I connect to remote desktop?
  • Can you share documents with Zoom?
  • How do I share my screen on Zoom?
  • How do I do a split screen on Zoom?

You can share your desktop and choose many options which will suit your every need for screen sharing and collaboration, such as:

1.      Share your entire desktop

2.      Share a chosen application only

3.      Share your desktop with sound, (so other can hear the video you are playing)

4.      Share controls with others (for remote control of other machines)

5.      Swap screen share with other participants

6.      Choose high definition or low definition screen sharing options

7.      Share your iPad/iPhone into your meetings

8.      No cables needed in your video conferences, just use the URL and meeting id

9.      Use annotation features which come with screen share

10.   High light features and more available

A Screen sharing application is the easiest way to collaborate with a colleague, business partner or friend.

If you are planning on making some travel plans, depending on what your objective is, then you should look at using screen share solutions to accommodate your next meeting and do it together with the needed people. If you are used to using any other screen sharing tools, then you should be trying zoom, as uses the newest codecs which means it is the most responsive for all participants, no matter how they are connected. And it has been built from the newest technology. No old legacy system or bad performance.

Start sharing your screen today with anyone else on Zoom and even invite skype for business users into your meetings. Get support for free screen sharing

Zoom online meetings and video conferencing means you can Save time and money

When you are engaging with other in all areas like Support, customer service and assistance, partner interaction, and collaboration with people. Zoom is #1 in cloud conferencing and fastest growing. You can share information and exchange ideas. Access and use technology. With Zoom you have one tool for all meeting and communications needs in one place. This makes it possible to work as if you are all in the same room with high definition immersive video without needing to travel time and the expenses that come with. With holistic and Zoom, you have everything you need to succeed.

Zoom virtual meetings allows you to Focus on your work, and works every time

When it comes to trouble shooting and technical support and solving issues or bringing clients and prospects and team colleagues together in the most simple and easiest way, with no complex steps then it is Zoom you are after. Zoom is designed to get you working in a few click every time from any device.

Zoom enterprise communications is Secure for all including enterprise controls and powerful in every aspect

Zoom meeting tools enables you to secure every meeting with the latest SSL options and do what you want without no hassles. With the small business and enterprise options there is an IT dashboard for live monitoring of all meetings and screen share activities. With inbuilt live support options for the IT department to help fix any meeting problem, at the time – LIVE. Private data, private conversations, and private meetings stay that way.

Zoom Screen share app is the Best screen sharing software and works on all operating systems for, screen share mac, screen share pc and screen sharing for windows


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