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Screen Sharing from any devices, mobile, desktop, video conference in any meeting is crucial to increasing productivity, share your screen with sounds for presentations

When you need to use screen sharing which involves sharing access of your desktop, tablet, smart phone or computer screen in a video conference or meeting, the best you can get is with Zoom meetings. Zoom Screen sharing software uses the latest codecs to provide the industry with the fastest best performing and most responsive screen share there is.

You can allow sharing a screen remotely with another participant in meeting for collaborating purposes or remote control. Revolutionary is the ability to share screen with sound, for presentation, videos, Youtube or sales and marketing presentations. Try it NOW and test it against any other solution to see for yourself.

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No cables needed for screen sharing when in your video conferences anymore. Wireless content sharing for all your meetings. No remotes or cables.

No cables needed for screen sharing when in your video conferences anymore. Login using a URL and you are away sharing content in your meeting. Instantly share content to all meeting participants for any type of content wirelessly. Screen share software allows you and your teams the ability for Swapping information, editing information , broad casting information, collaborating on content, watch and learn from live video streaming the the Zoom application. All participant or staff members can annotation.

Annotate whilst using screen share to highlight any element or create unique content. You can record all your meetings so all the materials created and discussed can be viewed at a later stage.
Collaboration is an open discussion where every person point of view is actively managed and learned from.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Share your screen with sound, now possible with ZOOM meetings

Present your training videos, in meetings with sound so all can hear no matter how they are connected for audio. Show your previously recorded meetings in meeting with sound to share learning or relevant information to all. Have all your sales teams sharing video content from your organisations website of Youtube channel knowing they are using compliant videos and engaging the audience right when needed, knowing they have watched, not waiting to find out if they do.

Screen Sharing from any devices with full annotation capabilities

Share your screens and annotate from any device , meetings or video conference. Share from your iPhone or ipad using apple air and share the screen of your device in meeting. Annotate from your smart phone, or tablet for all your meetings on the go or while you are on the go. Mobility means you can present any time, to anyone as if you were in the office. No cables needed in your meetings to share content.

Screen Share content from multiple document management systems or repositories

Share content from your files, your drives like dropbox, box, google drives, one drive, web urls, your screen, documents, presentations, photos, and from your your desktop. Integrating your other systems to Zoom meetings means it has never been easier to share content from anywhere, to any needed person in your conferences. Transmit document in your meetings and get the participant to share their screen to know they are actively engaged.

Give control of your shared screen to another person for remote support or remote control

Your IT team can give remote support to your teams using Zoom screen sharing and remote control features. No need to have multiple solutions when you can now do it all in one. Your whole team can mark up the presentations, highlight the documents, images or videos where needed and even use laser pointers to highlight what is being spoken about, right in your conference to make a point. Make every online meetings count.

Zoom screen sharing application has the easiest to use interface for all staff

All Education staff or trainers: display your lessons from your mobile device onto your classroom projector. Zoom Revolutionary Mobile Screen Sharing means yo ucan Screen share your iPhone, iPad and Android applications whilst in your conferences or meetings.

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Share your screen with sound for presentations, promotional videos, training videos and any video or website or application with sound, never before been possible until NOW. Try it for yourself.

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Screen share from mobiles and tablets with ease

Hold a meeting from your smart phone or mobile, and invite participants to view the meetings from their mobiles or tablets. You can annotate, run the meeting as if you were on a desktop and have the same experience and quality you would expect. Hold your meeting on he go from a car, train or while walking if your connection will allow it.

Screen share from desktops and laptops anytime

You have more real estate when it comes to a desktop and this means you can share a greater amount of information more clearly. If all people had a 40" screen you would all see what the other person did. if smaller you will see what the person who is sharing has. you can expand and zoom in as required.

Screen share from your video conferences with no cables

Swap presenters during your conferences real-time. You can take turns presenting your screens in a true tag-team as required presentation. Simply hand over the role of presenting to any of your meeting participants or any document or materials which are needed so all can broadcast their device screen.


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