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My meetings online or business conference solution is not working – how do I fix the video, voice / audio and screen share?

When you are trying to have an online business meeting and nothing is working correctly, it can be frustrating. When it comes to trouble shooting the issues there are a number of things you do. There are a few things that you can try yourself for both audio and video before you call an IT department. If you cannot fix the issues, poor quality, poor performance, does not connect, firewall or proxy issues, simply to hard, work out the problems the we recommend calling IT, or changing your unified communications system.

If your video goes out for any reason on either side there are a handful of options for you to try. When you first go into meetings you have the option of using video or audio. Make certain that you chose the video option rather than the audio option. This can be a mistake that is easily rectified and made to work properly and effectively.

If you are using Apple products one of the first things to check would be the app access to the camera for your virtual meeting system. To check this, go into the settings icon, find your settings under applications and find the label for the camera and make certain that it is green. If it is not, turn on the access to the app or program and go back into it.

Issue with the Video conferencing or web conferencing

If your business meetings app does have access, close all apps on your device to ensure that no other app is using the camera. Once all of the apps are closed, you can go back into the conference application and start your online video conferencing. The same would apply to the Android or apple devices also. By ensuring that all the other applications are closed, you may ensure that no other apps are using the camera and you will not have any inconvenience. If the issues persist, you can try to uninstall and then reinstall the video meetings app. If you take this step make certain that you restart your device. This will help make certain that the changes take place effectively. You will also want to check your device connectivity or internet, for mobile devices the telecommunications providers data setting will enable you to check these.

Figure out and fix the audio problems with the apps, programs and desktop software

We commonly here that clients audio is not functioning, if you are using your app on a device or desktop on your Mac or PC, this requires you to restart your computer if you are having difficulties. For audio issues the steps you can take are very similar. Again, what you try depends on the device that you are using. If you are using a PC or mac there are very simple steps. To ensure that your device is all set to start web conferencing, check that the wires on your speakers are connected to the computer and the speakers. Make certain you also check the volume of the speakers. Ensure that you do not have your sound muted.

Apple devices require that you check different things. Make certain that you are not muted and that your sound is turned up. If you are still having difficulties then try plugging in your headphones and use them to listen something. Ensure that zoom has access to the microphone. Exactly like checking the video, under settings, go to your application settings, find microphone and make certain that it is green. If it is not, turn it on.

What if nothing works with your web meeting solution or video conferencing system

If none of these steps work then better uninstall and reinstall the Zoom. Don’t forget to restart your device. In the end if you have exhausted all of these steps and you’re still having interruptions with your virtual video meeting, you should reach out to technical solutions for Zoom.

Fixing these issues by using Zoom virtual video meetings and web conferencing application

Zoom meetings has inbuilt packet loss and jitter and latency management. This means if your connection or any connection your participants are on is poor, it will manage the data form all and in essence fill in the gaps where information is missing, or the systems will automatically change the rate of information being transmitted, especially for video and screen share.

If you are to have multi-party meetings then zoom is the best at managing all environment which user are situated. If you want to try it for yourself, get a free trial today.

IT management Dashboard is part of the Zoom business conferencing and IM systems

We love Zoom for the ability to live support for any meeting, webinar or video conference in real-time. You can instantly see all the information required for managing the participants and host of all meetings your organization holds or runs live. Instantly provide support to your users and diagnose what is actually happening, or what has happened as all data is recorded for later use. Packet loss, Jitter, Latency, devices being uses, connection types, operating systems and the list goes on.

Get a live run through of how ZOOM internet cloud communications all in one video and meetings platform operates for your small business, government, corporate organization or enterprise business today.

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