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Online technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and as such, many industries have jumped on the high speed train. Online screen sharing, while being around for some time, has never offered the advanced online web interface quality that Zoom has brought to the forefront. 3 ways online screen sharing is the next advancement to positively affect many different industries and sectors around the world.

The information technology sector, major retail outlets and even well established online businesses are all benefiting greatly from this virtual software. Let us take a look at three, of some of the seemingly endless ways, that online screen sharing can boost your business:

  1. Effortlessly assist users

Picture this setting: a massive retail conglomerate with an almost countless number of ‘Point of Sale Terminals’. Many terminals mean many users, and please bear in mind that not all users are technologically ‘savvy’. No offense. An online network would be the simplest way to manage, and remotely support the stores. Software issues are sadly a reality, as are bad virtual networks and also online connectivity. The man power that it would take for a contracting information technology company to efficiently look after these stores would be sickening. The cost implications would be detrimental to the business and telephonic conversations just do not cut it. A support technician can remotely enlist the assistance of a manager in the store as well as the user through Zoom’s virtual screen sharing. The online technician can then address the issue while systematically demonstrating the procedure to have it nullified if it ever reoccurs. Hence get the benefit of time-saving, labor intensive saving and Cost Saving with to Zoom’s online screen sharing.

  1. Online virtual support

University lecturers, professors and also online tutors can effectively provide in-depth after hours online support to desperate students. With Zoom’s online 3-way virtual screen sharing, all participants can actively engage in the topics at hand, further increasing their knowledge. Online tutoring has been a great incentive for many in the educational industry as a means of efficiently supplementing their income and has thrived as a web-based business.

  1. Contractor’s are increasing their service offerings online

The contracting business has become a pivotal aspect in sectors such as mining and construction, especially contracting businesses that are handling more than one sight at any given time. By being able to effectively engage with a superior and the client through a 3-way online screen sharing service, more validity is added to the company. Happy and continually informed clients will definitely result in return business and an increase in online visibility.

3-way virtual screen sharing is just one of many ways that Zoom is helping businesses to increase their productivity and overall turnover. This only begins to scrape the surface. The possibilities of 3-way virtual screen sharing are truly thought-provoking.

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