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Screen Sharing Software

Zoom come standard with Screen Sharing for desktop. You can also screen share with sound, which means you can present sales & promotional videos which all your attendees can hear no matter how they are connected. This is revolutionary to Zoom and make every meeting better than ever before. You can screen share from your devices for tablets and smart phones, and annotation is included as standard. Zoom is the most responsive and fastest for screen share aas it uses the leading and latest codecs to make sure you have no interuptions.

IT Support Using Screen Share

When it comes to remote support or trouble shooting your IT team need to tools which will assist them in their daily activities. No longer do you need a seperate solution to provide IT support. Zoom come with the tools for remote support, remote computer control and is so responsive you will easily fix the IT issue at the time. If you team already have zoom then there is no need to load another solution and instant support can be given. By using the remote computer controls you can take control of the other person computer with eas.

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The Fastest Screen Share Available iPhone/iPad or Android apps and PC and MAC. For the highest quality, best performance and best annotation tools to go with Get your free trial today.

Screen Share with Sound Which is Revolutionary to Zoom Meetings

Screen Sharing From Any Device

No Cables Needed for Screen Sharing

When running a video conference or online meeting. You just use the URl and login and you can share your screen in meeting

Screen Share you device into your meeting

Great for developer who are showing their mobile application development or mobile device. Share your screen into any meeting

Annotation in all Meetings with Screen Share

Annotate for added collaboration. You can highlight, draw, spotlight, even use whiteboard in meeting and record your collaboration for later too.

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Share Photos, Web Pages, Applications, Full Screen or from Dropbox, Box, Google drive to Share Content On the GO

Co-annotate and give remote control during screen sharing from Zoom iPad app

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No cable needed to screen share

There is no need to plug in cable or dongles to share your content or screen anymore. Zoom has the great feature which means you just use a URL and shre from your desktop or device.

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Screen Share Exactly What You Need

Zoom has the built in capabilities for screen share. You can screen share your entire desktop or just choose one applications which is open on your desktop. You can share your tablet or mobilephone directly into your meeting which is great for developers or training. You can optimise your screen share for lower bandwidth and screeh share with sound to play videos. You get all the expected annotation tools too

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