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Ever lost a deal because you cannot get your demonstrations to work when doing them virtually?

I know a few I could mention from a few years ago, when using online meeting software to demonstrate to multiple steak holders. We tried twice and both time to meetings were a failure due to our chosen online conference software we were using and not working easily for all people on the virtual meeting. You can travel to people and the further away they are the more time consuming it can be, especially when in the initial discovery stages, when you need to qualify the client needs and work out if you and your company invest more time and money into a sales engagement.


With a back ground in sales of over 20 years there are a lot of item you need to control which can impact your ability to close a deal. In the last 10 years, being IT software, SaaS, Web and Cloud technologies which I have been involved with, it is acceptable and expected that you should have online meeting tools for your client discussions for communications anytime, to anyone you do business with. It is a value add which people in the IT industry have been taking advantage of for the last decade for internal and external communications. But there is nothing worse than a system which fails.


Showing off the capability of your solution you might like to demonstrate, discussion you might have with client and stake holders, collaboration during the design phases and general negotiations between both parties are perfect times to use video meetings software. When a virtual meeting system fails due to many elements, such as poor networks, which could be yours or the clients your meetings can be disastrous. Any wasted time due to poor virtual video conferencing software can damage your person brand and the brand of your organisation. Not one person I know likes missing, a meeting, wasting time from bad and failed meetings and going through the aggravation of trying to use a solution which is ill suited to yours, or the client’s IT conditions. How many times does a prospect put up with bad meetings? Not many from my time using them.


This is why you should always be looking at what is available to meet your expectations, for a quality and reliable meeting services. Which is why, when I learnt about ZOOM video meetings all in one software as a service solution, I got involved.


I had never used a solution like ZOOM before which was so easy to use, and made me look great in all client meetings, made people ask about zoom as they wanted to look just as good in their meetings. Perception and clarity matter in sales.


No more lost time, bad quality in audible meetings as it works every time and more importantly, it works well all across Asia, no matter the connection. Simply put, there is not better solution I have used in the last 10 years, nor have I seen a better solution. If you are looking at improving your sales when doing  online video meetings then check out ZOOM today and ask one of our team for demonstration or a free trial today.

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