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Many companies have relied on software as a service marketing strategy, but many have not considered how they can utilize a video conference within their own company to help further meet their marketing goals. With more companies looking to the World Wide Web and various cloud services to meet their needs, less and less are relying on traditional methods for conducting their day to day business. For this reason, web video meetings are a great option to help reach a greater demographic of customers and vendors with even greater efficiency than ever before.

Improves Collaboration Capabilities

The use of video conferencing has the potential to significantly improve your company’s ability to collaborate with not only fellow team members, but also with vendors and customers. But in order to be successful at collaborating with others, it is necessary to ensure the meeting software has the right online collaboration tools to be effective. These tools need to go beyond simply being able to see meeting participants over video and being able to speak with one another. Zoom meetings are capable of allowing participants to collaborate through the use of screen sharing, instant messaging, file sharing, and through the use of the whiteboard feature. And the best thing about Zoom video conferencing is these features are available as part of all of the different service plans, and not at an additional cost per a feature like other meeting software.

Improves Meeting Organization

Even with the best video conferencing solutions, if the meetings are not organized well, they will not be successful. Instead they will take away from the ability of the organization to be effective. In addition, there are times that even a well planned and organized meeting may result in someone not being in a typical office setting to participate. Often times, that means there are participants who are not able to participate, meetings have to be rescheduled, or the person has to be briefed at a later time. All of these situations take away from the company’s ability to meet their goals. But, when a company chooses to use Zoom meetings they are able to join the meetings from their Apple and Android mobile devices, or their Windows and Mac based desktop or laptop computer from wherever they may be at the time of the meeting. The result is increased productivity.

SaaS Marketing and Webinars

In the past, companies looking to find ways to use a webinar as part of their SaaS marketing strategy have been limited to large corporations with the IT staff and budget for hosting a webinar regularly. However, there are more and more companies turning to different cloud based online meeting solutions, which makes it possible for even smaller businesses to be able to use a virtual meeting as part of their SaaS strategy. The best video conferencing for small business companies has been Zoom video conferencing because the features needed to host meetings online are available as part of the service plans designed for smaller businesses.

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