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Logitech Group with Expansion Mics Zoom Room w/ Intel NUC


Whats in the Logitech Group Kit with Intel NUC:


Logitech Group ConferenceCam Bundle
A Powerful Pre-built Intel NUC (i5, 8GB, 180GB SSD, Wifi, Windows 10 Pro)
Iluminari Quicklauch SE Software
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


Free Wireless Sharing Softare included!


Included with the Intel NUC is the powerful Intel Unite application which enables wireless content sharing from a PC or Mac so you can keep your conference room clean of wires and cable.

Product Description

Logitech Group Kit with Intel NUC The Logitech Group ConferenceCam kit with Intel NUC is an Affordable, Simple and Complete Solution for Conference Rooms.   Since the release of the Logitech CC3000e Logitech has been moving fast into conference rooms and classrooms of all sizes. Although the CC3000e was still only part of the solution. Due to customer demand and customers wanting a truly flexible and adaptable experience they created a solution that allows you to deploy video conference rooms with confidence and ease knowing everything is high quality and backed by a great brand like Logitech.   What really makes the Group Kit different from bundling your own PC is the Iluminari Quicklaunch SE software. It provides a fully configurable and simple user interface that brings applicance like ease of use to the meeting room. The Quicklaunch SE softare allows you to load any collaboration application (WebEx, Skype for Business, Zoom, etc) on the Intel NUC.   Benefits of the Iluminari QuickLaunch SE Conference Room Software: Fully configurable and simplified user interface – Brings appliance-like ease of use to the meeting room with the flexibility and familiarity of PC collaboration applications.   Consistent experience across the deployment Minimizes the need for user training / IT support. Protect against unwanted changes Lock-down your system with kiosk mode Room Reset feature Securely end meetings and keep your confidential data secure. Integrated camera control – Provides easy access to camera controls

Product Specifications