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Get a less expensive PBX Cloud Service for your business

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Common benefits of using virtual PABX in business communication

For an economical and highly useful tool that can be a good addition to your business communication is the virtual PBX.  These are a sort of VoIP integrations and act like phone calls. The maintenance and installation costs of a Cloud or virtual PABX is quite low. Therefore, almost every business is using it and we can say that online PBX, PABX is all virtual now.

Zoom enables Zoom Rooms with PBX Cloud service. This feature enables business clients to have one on one calls or even having a second call during an ongoing one. Moreover, you can also get the authority to restrict virtual PABX for incoming or outgoing calls only.

Zoom phones for Cloud PBX, PABX and VoIP are widely used services by many businesses worldwide. Contact us and we will guide you through the step by step procedure of the installation of required hardware for this integration inside your office premises. This hardware is neither chunky nor expensive. The cost of installation as well as using PBX and VoIP with Zoom.us is lower than your expectations.

Apart from the lower cost of installation, usage and maintenance of Cloud PABX, this tool is easily up and down scalable according to your business communication needs. With a Zoom Cloud PBX, you will get the freedom to enjoy a really agile organization that is able to move its branches anywhere around the globe. This brings your entire communications stack into one solution which means superior quality, reliability and one area to look for problems if there is ever an issue makes it faster diagnose and the user experience becomes seamless.

Virtual PBX service is secure to use. There are built-in safeguards that never let the data or voice packets breech during a virtual business meeting or VoIP call.

PBX Configuration with Zoom

When you are using a Zoom Room for your virtual business meetings, configure a virtual PABX by following the below mentioned simple steps;

  • Log-in to Zoom as Administrator
  • Click on SIP integration
  • Click on the ‘add link’ button
  • Choose your desired protocol
  • Click on the ‘save settings’ button

After performing these steps, you will get a confirmation message from Zoom that you have enabled and successfully registered PBX in your Zoom Room.


PBX and PABX are virtual worldwide now. These are low cost business communication integrations that help you get connected with various organizations and business professional world voice through voice calls. The Cloud PBX offered by Zoom also provides online data saving modules. However, stay calm as the data saved is encrypted and secured. We are not only focused on providing our B2B customers with highly advanced business communication tools but also to save them from any sorts of data breech.

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