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We Listen

The art of listening is part our DNA. You know your business and what you are looking to acheive. Through mutual respect we hope to work with you as a trusted partner and advise you on how we can meet your immediate needs but show you how you can leverage video and UC as a strategic asset for your business. We help organisation to leverage collaboration, improve adoption and deploy the most affordable solution which match the required IT envirnoment.

We challenge

With a solid understanding of your business our consultants will help you with your immediate needs but also challenge you to think outside the box. The world we live in has become more mobile and digital distruption provides all business’s with new opportunities. UC and video technologies have now moved into the digital space. Let use show you how you can leverage unified collaboration as part of your digital strategy.

Success is Measured by Adoption and Use.

The cheapest is about Total Cost of Ownership and Price. We rule both.

Zoom Architecture

Zoom has become the leading platform for unified communications due to ease of access, flawless quality and adaptability to real life needs. Its a solution that just works and everyone of our clients enjoy a pain free experience.

This experience is the driving force behind the adotpion of Zoom by our clients. In essense your staff will love it and want to use it and your IT personal will quickly see the “silent” benifits of a robust platform with all the tools they need for intergration and support.

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Logitech Group Hardware

One of the biggest barriers of company wide adoption and UC and video conferencing is the cost of deploying it. Zoom is simple to setup, deploy and manage. One of the key reasons for our success is that you are incharge of what hardware you need. Zoom leverages all USB hardware for audio and video. The good news for you is that the quality of USB hardware has drastically improved whilst still providing exceptional value for money.

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Holistic's IT Consulting

Our teams are spent 20 years in the IT industry, as such we can advise on more than just UC and Video conferencing. Our teams can assist you in all areas that affect UC and video conferencing such as network design, solution design, identity mangement, intergration services such as API and SDK as well as ensuring that Zoom meets your security requirements.

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