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Webinars have now become a part of our day to day business lives and keeping people engaged is getting harder and harder to do with many distractions. When creating your webinar, more people want to build something that is interactive and fun. Now with more live webinar apps and websites, such as Facebook Live, AnyMeeting and Zoom.  With these three webinar programs and live video streaming, your viewers can now express themselves easier, be and feel like they are part of the conversation as well as interact with each other as well as the speaker with ease.  The emojis allow you to create a sense of community and belonging when you are presenting your live webinar.

One of the main and more popular ways that your audience can react to your webinar is via emojis. Your audience can choose how they feel from a variety of faces that will express how your audience feels in the best way possible.  From happy to sad and from shock to anger, you will be able to tell exactly how your audience feels by watching these little faces fly across the screen.

One of many of the exciting features that the emoji adds to the webinar is that when you are recording life, you can see the emojis fly across your screen, however, once the video is done being recorded live and uploaded to the internet, those emoji is will no longer be visible so they will not distract future viewers from the main point of your webinar.

Depending on which webinar program you are using, you can also turn off the use of the emoji and just keep the conversation to text, polls and questions only.  The AnyMeeting app has this feature and can become very useful depending on your audience. However, your needs, your budget and your audience will allow you to choose the right webinar application and program you will be using to broadcast your webinar.

The use of emojis during your webinar not only keep your audience entertained, but it can give you none verbal updates about how your webinar is going so you or your key speaker can address any problems that may arise.   The use of emojis is also a great way to keep your audience engaged. Depending on the program you chose to use, you can turn the emojis on and off and also ensure that they are not flying across your screen and distracting your audience once the video has been uploaded after the live presentation.

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