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Whether you are a business of one or of 100 employees, you can make effective use of online communication tools. And you do not have to invest an exorbitant amount of cash to do so. You can run meetings for any meeting from the office, home office, while you are on your mobile phone or tablet, and from any location, all with the knowledge it is the best quality, clear audio and the fast performance and screen share. All the while knowing the solution you are using is the best, top 3 Gartner and used by all the multinational companies allowing you to leverage what everyone is using for web conferencing and video meetings.

Low Costs of the Plans and Functionality make Communication Cheap

Amazingly you can start using some software application that can help in online coordination such as cloud meetings for a very low fee. With Zoom virtual conferences the entry level is free but there are some stipulations. Everyone has a budget to work with and when it comes to quality, effectiveness and value there is nothing which compares to Zoom business conference system. A web video conference can last for only 40 minutes and the number of participants is limited to 100. You do receive online support as well as unlimited number of meetings. The following aspects are included.

  • video conferencing
  • web conferencing
  • group collaboration
  • local recording
  • security

The next level for $14.99 USD – $20.99 AUD a month adds these features for small businesses or to start you off:

  • Includes 100 participants, with unlimited duration of meetings
  • User management and administration controls
  • Reporting
  • Instant messaging
  • Cloud audio and video recording
  • Development tools & optional add on plans

And for $19.99 USD – $27.99 AUD a month the small, medium business and corporate plan adds:

  • Dedicated phone support
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Vanity URL
  • Company branding
  • Upgrade technical aspects such as single sign on, managed domains, custom emails
  • LTI integration which allows for education courseware to be developed and distributed

How Can These business collaboration and conference web Tools Assist You?

Share Ideas with the Team

With video conferencing, one of your team members can use his or her phone or built in camera of any device to share information in a real-time situation. The web conferencing feature allows the team member to share information from his or her computer such as YouTube videos, PowerPoint slideshows and charts from spreadsheets to illustrate the points for the rest of the team.  In addition there is a whiteboard feature which allows the entire team to easily illustrate suggestions and make connections thereby making their thinking visual for all to understand. There is no better video conference app for mobile meetings than with Zoom meetings app. The ability to share your mobile screen and annotate and record from the smart phone app, or the mobile meeting app or even your tablets is simple, and even simple for your participants being clients and business partners.

Dazzle Clients with trouble free meetings, crystal clear audio and the best performance

Small business owners can also work with clients in the same manner, once the client has downloaded the free app onto their device. Imagine sharing information about different insurance plans that have been personalized to the specifics for the client. Or perhaps an artist presents a slideshow of a variety of paintings, drawings and sculptures while explaining how the work will enhance the client’s office or home setting. Through the web conferencing service, the artist can view where the work might be placed. Instead of inconveniencing the client by insisting on the need to meet face to face, travelling time can be saved through this technology. The business owner remains in his or her own environment with all of the facilities and materials available to answer any questions.

Solve Problems with quality collaboration tools and messaging systems

With the group collaboration feature, the whole team can provide valuable advice to a member who is on site trying to solve a complicated technical issue with a malfunctioning machine installed on site in a factory. The team can view the problem and then brainstorm the solution.

Keep Accurate Records of your meetings, collaboration and meetings

The recording feature can be very valuable in situations in which clients stipulate specifications verbally. The recording captures these details which can be reviewed at a later date.

Market Your business or organisation with no barriers

With the small and medium business plan, some marketing tools are integrated into the experience through the vanity URL and company branding. Allow others with video conferencing rooms or video conference apps to join your meetings and make it seem like you are bigger than you are!

No longer are these sophisticated web tools available only to large companies with budgets to match. With practice, all business owners can master the technology to serve their purposes. Owners have the knowledge of their particular field at their fingertips; now they have the web conferencing technology to help them share that expertise.

If you are an enterprise, large business or government and have bigger needs, our Enterprise team can assist you in your requirements.

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