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Tests and Trails of Online Workforce

The fame of online business meetings and video conferencing is unanimously accepted in business and industry. It has made business communication possible without being substantially present under one roof. The virtual meeting environment is both convenient and exciting. Apart from these benefits and attraction, there are a few mentionable challenges which are faced by these online video meetings.

Traditional Obstacles

Sometimes employees and workers from distinct areas around the world are under great influence of cultural differences which create barrier to their business communication. This is one of the most common and biggest obstacle in online business meetings.

Lack of non-verbal communication signs

Non-verbal communication, gestures and body language is as important as verbal communication in business. The communication made in web conferencing and online video meetings sometimes lack coherence and clarity. The situation becomes really challenging when it results in misunderstood proclamations and misinterpreted messages.

Unable to build long time business relationship

Users of virtual business communication often complain that they remain unable to make long term acquaintances. Relationships built among the staff of one or another company that communicate in a virtual environment or even do regular online video meetings have ordinary and timely relationship among themselves even if they regularly remain in touch for years.

Lack of Harmony and Trust

Online workforce always lacks harmony, better understanding and trust. As they never have face to face interactions, they find it difficult to build trust and this is the reason of their short term and fragile relationship.

Difficulty in Interpreting and Taking Decision

We have already discussed that the business communication through online meetings and video conferencing is less efficient and effective as it lacks clarity and coherence. Thus interpreting the results of a business research or remarking the productivity and output of a company becomes problematic. Misinterpreted results depict under-utilized efficiencies. All this sum up and create hurdles for the Board of Directors and high level management of an organization to take strategic decisions about the company.

Time Zones Clashes

As the virtual team is working in a cyber environment, sometimes the differences in countries’ time zones create a great obstacle in business communication. This happens when the working hours in one geographical territory totally mismatch with that of others.

Software or Network Collapse

Even the fastest internet connections and most reliable communication softwares can have bugs and errors in them. If such an error occurs during the most important online business meeting it can discard crucial time and cause wastage to other business resources as well.

With a lot of good things that come with online video meetings, some negative factors are also present in the package. These obstacles and barriers to the virtual communication can be minimized by using the most appropriate online business communication tools. Zoom.us by Holistic Communications is providing the best solutions to these barricades by offering fast, reliable and incessant online video conferencing and virtual web meeting rooms.

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