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 With 25 million people in Australia and the NBN underway, which will not be in place in full for 5 plus years, how do you cover all the different connection capabilities in Australia for video and virtual online conferencing scenarios. Over 1 million people are expected to have low bandwidth availability which limits the benefits which are naturally received in urban areas.

With connection speeds, still with dial-up 56 k and erratic connections everywhere in between including satellite it is hard to find a solution which will give the benefits such as:

  1. Education and face to face teaching
  2. Improved business communications
  3. In home health services or remote treatment
  4. Online services for counselling or support services
  5. Virtual community activities or groups
  6. Improved business and farm advice through collaboration

This should be a normality in today’s modern Australia, yet alone across Asia Pacific Region, which has similar challenges. No one should have an impediment to learn, getting help, improving their health, interacting with others and growing their businesses.

Video communications and online virtual meetings which allows for collaboration of any kind, recording for others to use at later times is a must. Unfortunately, this will not be as easy to fix in the short term and even after this the challenges are going to be there. If you are trying to support all your clients which means the millions of people who have connectivity issues, then you should also be planning for an online video solution and conference calling system which will deliver for all people you are providing services to.

When choosing an online virtual meeting platform, you should be taking many of these criteria into consideration:

  • Ability for the audio, screen share and video to manage packet loss and jitter without users seeing a degradation in services
  • The latest codes or technology for superior communications
  • Audio streamed on its own, and amplification and dampening to the audio
  • Automatic video and screen share refresh management to match the connection speed without affecting audio quality or participants
  • Screen share with the latest codec/technology for instant response and lower bandwidth usage
  • Interoperability with legacy hardware or infrastructure to keep costs down
  • IT Dashboard for organisation to monitor and give live support of all participants in a meeting

There are many more but ultimately you need to be aware of the usability, quality of the audio, video and screen share as a minimum or the solution will be unusable and not a success. The impact to services and business will far out way the investment in the wrong software.

With family who live all over regional Australia we are used to the connection challenges from satellite on the old services which are still in play, to the limited download packages which are being consumed faster than the monthly amount provided. And with dial up still in places, and having these with users on full ADSL and fibre on the same calls, or online virtual meetings it is a problem not going away anytime soon.

We highly recommend using our Holistic ZOOM online video conferencing solution for all scenarios. As the leading #1 SaaS solution and built with video and mobility, the solution was built to work in all environments. Ask our team of professional consultants to work through your challenges in your regional area, or needs to deliver services to regional Australia, Asia or even globally.

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