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A video seminar is organized with the main objective of enhancing the knowledge level and skills of all participating. With the technological support available today, video seminars have become quite effective as a medium of training and they can be conducted online with relative ease than any time in the past.

You may have given a thought about conducting online video seminars to teach your employees. They are always effective as a supplement to all those face-to-face training programs with online components. You have various training platforms available to share your expertise through an online course and you can also create a hybrid program. Here are six of the best free online learning sites available to you and these are places where trainers would like to explore and take advantage of the features they offer –

  1. Udemy – This is a free online platform for teaching and training. More than two million students across the world use its thirteen thousand courses on offer. It allows the trainers to design strong and interesting classes that include video seminars, screencast videos, PowerPoint files, audio files, documents and text classes.
  2. Zoho Meeting – This is a web conferencing platform which allows trainers to host free online video seminars. It is meant for business organizations with a large number of teams that are scattered over vast geographical locations. It helps the trainers to get the teams together in real time without the need of physical meetings. The software provided by this platform includes both audio and video features. The meetings can be conducted directly when the desktops are shared with all the participants.
  3. RCampus – This is a learning platform that is utilized by trainers to generate courses and student assignments. Trainers can now hold discussions in sessions; keep the grades of students and post several kinds of educational content like videos, images and links. This platform can also be used as a management system ePortfolio where both the faculty and the students can build up presentation portfolios which are functional to demonstrate their knowledge as well as skills for their career development.
  4. Learnopia – This is a free learning platform that can be used online by trainers to offer courses after designing them. The courses will include audio files, videos, pdf documents and PowerPoint presentations. The courses have a feedback system through tests that consist of multiple-choice questions.
  5. Peer 2 Peer University – This is an open-education project which provides free courses of university level. It is managed by volunteers and instructors will be able to create various courses and provide curriculum that can be taught with the help of a slideshow, documents, videos and discussion boards. This is one of the best free learning platforms available to trainers.
  6. Teachers Pay Teachers – This is a website where trainers can share and sell their teaching material besides using this free platform to teach their students. Trainers can post learning kits, videos, study plans through lessons, clip art and study guides.
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