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There are many things that you can do with Zoom to make meetings run smoothly and to share information. Video meetings, SIP audio, Zoom whiteboard, and screen sharing are just a few of the great aspects to Zoom. The benefits of these features are easy to see and experience as they are effortless to use and help save time.

Online video meetings

There are many benefits to holding meetings online. Not only are you able to hold meetings across the world but you can host many people at a time for one meeting. This saves time and holding virtual meetings saves money. If you are able to hold a meeting with 100 participants at a time, you can hold one meeting and ensure that everyone has all of the information that is needed. If you need to have business meetings with people from around the world, you save money by not having to fly them to your location and for that you have to be more productive. Holding online business meetings ensures that everyone is present for the meeting virtually, even if they are in the same city or in different one.

SIP audio, audio conferencing and video conferencing rooms

This is the portion of the program that helps control voice calls. It controls the audio coming in and out of the conferencing platform to work with multimedia like instant messaging, tools, and breakout meetings. It can be used on its own for audio conferences or integrated into your video conferencing rooms to allow for large meeting participation via audio or traditional phones. Zoom has management abilities which lets you know when you have incoming calls, file sharing, or messages while you are in your meeting. You will need a SIP dialer to conduct phone calls or use the audio in Zoom rooms.

Zoom’s Whiteboard Technology

This is a fantastic tool that helps with sharing information, among other things, with your participants in the meeting. Whiteboard is best used for screen sharing and annotation. This allows you to “work directly” with others during the meeting. Participants can actively take notes on or point out things on the same screen. This makes certain that everyone can see every change that is being made simultaneously. Besides drawing and writing, you can put a spotlight an area, erase mistakes, color, save items, or clear all. You can integrate electronic white boards into your video conferencing rooms using zoom app and software so you can share any thoughts, or ideas to any audience. With so many options and ways to use whiteboards there should be no reason you cannot have everyone interacting.

Screen sharing

Sharing information can be one of the most useful tools in this program. With screen sharing you can follow the pointer of the presenter. This makes certain that everyone who is participating can follow along. You can also share multiple screens simultaneously. This allows for several people to share screens if need be. You can also arrange these screens side-by-side. This is useful, should you need to make comparisons. Another aspect of screen sharing software is being able to share directly from mobile devices via cables.

There are many advantages to using the Zoom meeting apps, applications or full program capabilities. You are able to make calls, hold online business meetings, host webinars, web conferencing, and many other options. Using Zoom will save you money, time, and keep you and your team more productive. Start using Zoom and bring ease to the online collaboration system for all your team members to have full, immersive, quality and easy to use conferences. It allows all staff or business partners them feel as they work in an office under one roof no matter where they may be or how they need to work.

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