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How long does it take to configure a meeting room or conference room? What does it cost to set up or buy?

Depending on what you already have in place, setting up a meeting room, conference rooms or a huddle room is very simple. You will need to have an internet connection so you can connect to the internet so all meetings can be accessible to anyone.

If you want a huddle room then a unit like the Logitech connect is great. Connect it to the internet. Then just load the zoom meeting app onto the device and follow the set-up process and in 5-10 minutes you will be inviting people to your meetings.

A huddle room can be cheap to set up

  • Cost per ZOOM Room per connection $750 per year
  • Hardware – Logitech connect $650 and a screen)

You can wonder around with it if you have wireless connectivity in your business space or office.

For video conference rooms, you can set up a Zoom room for video, audio and screen sharing meetings in 15 minutes. You will need to order any hardware in advance depending on what you have or what type of conferencing room being implemented or the needs of your team which are required for the room you are setting up such as the number of people in the room.

If you are setting up a boardroom or a training room then Zoom meetings and conference solution which natively Integrates with Crestron Mercury is the way to proceed. It’s easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage in every space across an enterprise of any size.

Crestron Mercury combines the microphone, speakers and tablet capabilities all-in-one system which can be placed on any table in any room. Zoom rooms works with 1, 2 or 3 screens and with touch screens for full interactive collaboration. You can have dual camera’s in a meeting room and dual control for them. Have full screen sharing capabilities, including participants only needing a URL to share content from any device, rather than plug in a cable. Comes with whiteboarding and co-annotation for all in meeting collaboration needs.

For people to easily see what is happening in a room, Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display allows for visual display of upcoming meetings, conference going on or book a meeting for any time of day when free. Stop user scheduling headaches by using a clear and beautiful scheduling display.

For a meeting room or conference room, depending on its size you will need:

  • Cost per ZOOM Room per connection $750 per year
  • Hardware – (a unit all together $5000)
    • Camera HD $850
    • Microphone/s (table or ceiling mounted)
    • Screen/s (depends on your choice)
    • iPad for the controller $800

If you want more details for any room size or meeting room requirement then contact our team to assist. info@holisticcoms.com. There is no need to spend tens’s of thousands of dollars to get a high definition video conferencing room up and running. I have seen organisations spend $200,000 on a room set up for it not to be used. All because they are no user friendly or integrated into your user’s systems and processes.

If you use a corporate or enterprise diary software solution like the ones below, then scheduling meetings and keeping it seamlessly part of your overall systems is fully available.

  1. Setting Up Zoom Rooms with Google Calendar
  2. Setting Up Zoom Rooms with Exchange 2013/2016
  3. Setting Up Zoom Rooms with Office 365

It managers and support staff will love the remote management of speakers, microphones and camera’s in rooms, making it easier to control and support.

It is common that the technology used from legacy systems will breakdown or not function correctly or at all multiple times in a week, for people using them. Having a disruption due to technical difficulties due to not being able to share information on screen, cables not working once plugged in, displays not operating together, teleconferencing connections not working or being scalable to handle large groups, poor audio and video and the list goes on…

No longer are there any reasons for you not to use video conferencing services in all your day to day activities.

There are lots of different option but they are all in-expensive when it comes to using zoom video conference room software, which is compatible with just about all systems or solution in the market. Start collaborating by using ZOOM Rooms video conferencing software and join any individual devices from any meeting room or remote location and share data easily.

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