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If you are in search of the best tool to tackle online meetings, then you can avail the services of a range of software available in the local as well as global market. Specifically, the global market is home to numerous online meeting software, which offer multiple features. All the options available claim themselves to be the best and so the businesses need to more cautious in order to decide the best option that could enhance their work and image. The best package keeps three things in mind and wishes to provide the same to its clients and those are:

  • Availability across various platforms
  • Simple and easy installation and use
  • Crystal clear communication

Hence, it is wise to go through the features of every software you come across and see which seems to be promising. If anyone caters to your need, then do grab it, as holding online meeting is becoming necessary for the progression of business. To ease your trouble, here is a detailed discussion on the features of online meeting software. Just breeze through the description and you will find answer to your requirements.

Meet the zesty zoom

Notably, Zoom has taken the entire corporate world by the storm. The business software is considered the best tool in this business industry by all those organizations, which have installed it and are reaping the results. The software introduced by Holistic Communications actually concentrates on all the important factors that need attention in this matter and hence has put itself forward as the best in the business. Here are the prominent ones:

Functionality :Zoom can work on numerous functions, which makes it the ultimate choice of many businesses. It is capable of working on windows, android, iOS, Mac, Blackberry etc. It can tolerate the bandwidth, hitches of all the networks, and still function properly. Many prefer this flexibility as it helps to push the work forward without wasting much time. Moreover, people can also take part from different parts without crossing paths.

Usage: Zoom does not have complex mechanism or procedure. You can just get started with a single click. If you want to install it, you will have to follow a few simple steps. In order to invite your fellow employees in a meeting also you don’t need to take any trouble.

Communication:Of course, you aren’t paying to participate in a buffering meeting and such obstructions are irritating when you are in middle of an important discussion. Zoom knows this and hence vouches for full HD video and audio. You can see the faces and facts clearly; you can hear all the voices properly. Such is the quality of the conference call that it seems as if you all are in a single room!

Advanced Features

Zoom is considered the best not only for small businesses or enterprises but also for large corporate deals and governmental affairs. In order to suit the needs of these organizations, zoom offers several advanced features.

Zooms cross-platform portability, easy installation and HD facilities are there but alongside, it comprises some more features, as these situations are a bit graver than the previous one. For example, all governmental works ask for secrecy and it is not wise to talk about such sensitive issues openly. Therefore, to protect this confidential nature of work, zoom uses SSR encryptions that keep the information hidden. Still, it will be accessible to you and your partners with whom you are holding the meeting. In addition, you also get the benefits of breaking into chats and explaining your ideas via whiteboard. Moreover, you and the people with whom you are conferencing can be on any platform and can even use FireFox, Safari or Chrome extensions to carry on with your meeting.

Glimpses of features

Here is further information about the features that help zoom to perform in the way:

  • One-click-away meetings with cloud support
  • Video and audio with full clarity
  • Sharing of files up to the size of 512Mb and hassle free screen share
  • Scheduling meetings with outlook calendar or Google
  • Can work with other integrated communication endpoints, like Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, etc.
  • Mp4 recording


Yes, there can be many more tools ava ilable in the market but not each one will provide you with a chance to arrange a meeting with near about 500 participants. You will also not get such super and secured connections everywhere. Besides the confidential government data, other meetings are also protected using AES 256bit encrypted security.

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy an uninterrupted virtual meeting with your colleagues and employees who are stationed somewhere else, then opting for zoom will be the best decision, as no other software stands a chance against this.

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