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SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and refers to the ability of consumers to be able to access a service or application over the Internet. One of the most common SaaS options on the market today is virtual meeting software. Some examples may include gotomeeting, Webex, and Skype for business. These types of programs are used for hosting a number of different virtual business meetings online. Zoom meetings is also a SaaS that is a web conferencing software used by a number of different small and large businesses to host a variety of online business meetings.

Hosted Software

As an SaaS program, Zoom meetings are a hosted software service, meaning it allows the user to access the video conference software to use the program over the internet instead of having to host the software program on the company’s own server. There are also other benefits to using hosted software. For instance, Zoom is responsible for maintaining and updating the software, as well as maintaining their server to host meetings. This includes the need for security and ensuring the software is able to be executed regularly. This reduces the cost of hosting online meetings for businesses, and makes Zoom meetings ideal for hosting small business video meetings. And also makes it possible for the host to not to worry about the technical aspects of the software, and focus instead on planning and hosting the meeting.

Characteristics of a SaaS

There are several characteristics that are unique to a SaaS that are not found with traditional software options. One of them is the ability for a business to be able to use the aspects of the SaaS that is beneficial to their needs. One thing that makes Zoom meetings unique from other platforms is that it makes it possible for features to be accessible by users even in the free product plan. The only difference is the length of the meetings that can be hosted. The larger plans are designed for multiple hosts holding larger meetings, free of time limits. Secondly, a SaaS is able to be easily accessed. Zoom meetings are able to be accessed on a computer, laptop, and most mobile devices that are equipped with a video camera and microphone. All that is needed is an internet connection.

How SaaS Benefits a Company

SaaS does not require the same financial commitment, since they only require a subscription to be able to access them, and there are no costly hardware expenses for those who already have a computer, laptop, or mobile device with a video camera and microphone. Those using Zoom for hosting online meetings are even eligible for a free subscription for single host access for shorter meetings, offering a greater cost savings for companies. SaaS is also more affordable for businesses as many only require the company to pay for what service they use, and allow for memberships to be adjusted accordingly, instead of requiring a lengthy contract. The result is the ability for the organization to focus more time on hosting meetings instead of having to worry about the logistics of the software being used.

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