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In order to know what the best cloud based meeting software app is, it is important to first understand what exactly a cloud based video conference is. Any application or software that is basically ran over the internet, and does not require the user to purchase and install the software program on their own company’s server is considered to be cloud based. In addition, a video conference is a meeting that takes place virtually between two or more participants using video. While it is similar to a video phone call or a video chat, the meeting software usually offers more video meeting tools and can be used for larger group meetings while a call or chat are more restricted. Once you know what a cloud based meeting software is, you can begin to look at specific areas to determine which is best for your company’s needs.

Is the Meeting Software Cost Effective?

Many small businesses never even consider the possibility of hosting virtual meetings as a part of their regularly operations. However, there are a number of meeting software products which are economical for even small businesses. The most important thing to consider is not just the cost for the basic service plan options, but also if the number of online collaboration tools will be able to enhance the meeting experience, and make it worth the cost. With that in mind, free plans are also not always the best option. However, the best video conferencing for small business is by far Zoom meetings. The basic plan is completely free and offered for an unlimited period of time. All of the tools available in the monthly payment plans are also available. The only limit is the meetings have to be short in length, making it perfect for a company to be able to see if the use of web conferencing is a right fit for them before committing a line in the budget for the expense.

Is the Software Easy to Use?

When it comes down to it, it does not matter if your company has access to the best online meeting tools if they are not able to use them. The initial setup should be fairly easy to complete. In addition, the software should be easy to navigate, and the flow of the meeting should feel natural. Video meeting tools should be straightforward, and not leave the meeting participants or the meeting host guessing as to what they are and how to use them. A company should also take into consideration the ability of non-users and how easily it will be for them to access a meeting. Even if it is free for them to participate, if they cannot access the video conference then it does not matter. Zoom video conferencing does not require participants to have a service plan to participate.

Is the Software Compatible?

When choosing meeting software it is important to ensure it will be compatible with the company’s current IT equipment to prevent unexpected cost to the organization. It also needs to be compatible for those who are not in the company to be able to access and attend meetings if being used to host a webinar or conference with vendors or customers. Zoom meetings are compatible with most computers as well as mobile devices, making it easy for both people inside and outside of the company to participate in a cloud based meeting. If any software your organization is considering is not able to deliver in these three areas, it is best to consider different meeting software to meet your company’s needs.

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