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There are several software apps and virtual meeting solutions available out there for your business enterprise. It is important to assess various solutions before you decide which is best for you. It is a matter of which solution suits your business requirements better. Features are offered by almost all solutions available but those that are easy to grasp and utilize are the ideal choice.

These are the four virtual meeting solutions and software apps that you can choose from:-

WebEx – This is software available for web conferencing. It helps users in holding online meetings and events. It fulfills its main function of serving as a workspace for your business team. More than one hundred million business professionals rely today on Cisco’s WebEx. It is for business collaboration and for moving projects forward at a faster pace. Teams can work with any participant from their browsers, mobiles or video devices. WebEx Meetings give you integrated video, audio and content sharing with secure meetings controlled from the Collaboration Cloud of Cisco. Main features include video and web conferencing, webinars, brainstorming tools, chat facilities and multimedia content sharing.

Wrike – This is award-winning project management software. It allows business managers to prioritize assignments, monitor all updates on real time basis and give feedback in time.  It offers various pricing plans that can suit varied needs and specific needs of business organizations and professionals who work independently. Its free plan is for a maximum of five users. Its main features include Gantt chart that involves an interactive timeline, task management, document collaboration, newsfeed in real time, customized reports and time tracking. It can be integrated with Google Docs and DropBox and Gmail.

Skype – This is a software app whose video, text and voice tools make it easy for users to share their experience with people who matter to them, wherever they may be located. It is a free communication tool but for those people who want to use its potential to the full, they have to pay a price for various packages to use all its features. The business enterprise price package for communication purposes costs $2 per user for a month. It allows online meetings for a maximum of two hundred and fifty persons. They can avail of communication lines which are secure through strong encryption and authentication. This tool is well known for its powerful productivity after integration with Office. Calls can be made across all devices. You can also make calls to landlines and mobiles. Group calls are allowed at prime packaged rates. It allows one-on-one and group video calls. It also allows for voice messages, sending files and screen sharing.

Zoom – This is video conferencing software which promotes collaboration. This is made possible with the help of an integrated system of online meetings, web conference and group messaging. It offers video webinar, Cloud recording, group collaboration, meetings and rooms and integrated scheduling. A host can expect up to one hundred participants with group calls with online support. This platform is the newest and best built for mobility and video communications as a single business meetings platform or all in one technology with the latest codecs and technology to create seamless and friction less video conferencing and meetings online anytime.

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