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Managing a Virtual Business and Communicate like You Are All Working Together in an Office

Doing business in today’s world has become quite simple due to vast improvements in professional communication technology i.e. unified communication systems for video conferencing and online meetings.

As a business owner or manager, you can now stay in touch with your employees, partners, clients and service providers on the go, at any time, from any location in the world. Holistic's Zoom web meetings is an advanced yet easy to use unified communication platform for businesses of all sizes.

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The best online meeting and video conferencing designed for any remote or Virtual business anywhere in the world for Collaboration face to face

Zoom business meetings provides various amazing communication features, ensures flawless HD video conferencing and instant accessibility at all times. Zoom enterprise conferences is considered by thousands of international businesses as their preferred communication application due to the leading NPS scores from the quality of the system.

You need high definition video cameras and high gain microphones or headsets for your virtual meetings and online conferences. The best value hardware and equipment which matches Holistic's Zoom perfectly is for web conferencing and video meetings no matter if a one person business, a small business, a large corporate or a huge enterprise corporation then Logitech groups kits and tools are the way to go.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Video conference for every meetings type you have

Zoom video meeting has meeting participant licencing for 50, 100, 200, 500 and in standard meetings, training meetings and up to 10,000 participants in webinars. Video calling and video calls are part of every meeting you have in the one platform with no need to use multiple systems anymore. Stream line your organisations today to simplify your engagements.

Virtual conference with all your colleagues anytime

If you are working from home then you can use your home internet connection, desktop and camera, to hold a meeting straight away. In built green screen ability means your back drop can be anything you want. Your virtual meeting and virtual calls, will help with virtually any colleagues call.

Online conference with your clients from any systems

When you hold your online meeting or online calls, the application for online calling means you can invite Skype for business users natively into a meeting with Zoom video system. Clients can join a meeting from their video conference rooms which are H.323 enabled or from any device they may use.

Web conference and send files and use instant messaging

Zoom web calling has in built instant messaging for chat, sending large files and is searchable for both. You can chat in your web meeting and web calls if only for audio purposes and also record. Your next web call or internet calls, using dial in or VoiP calls will never be better or easy if you are using Zoom.

Every person should have the ability to work flexibly and easily, as if you are actually face to face, no matter where you are located

Holistic provides SaaS, Cloud and Hybrid deployments of Zoom online meetings for businesses in the Asia Pacific countries such as Thailand Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australasia and the south pacific Islands, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, American Samoa.

We provide support, local service, training and in country billing for the convenience of Zoom video conferencing users in this region. Holisitic's Zoom enterprise meetings can effectively help you build a virtual business by enhancing your communication and collaboration abilities. It provides various amazing communication features, ensures flawless HD video conferencing and instant accessibility at all times. Holisitic love Zoom virtual video conferences and is considered by thousands of international businesses as their preferred communication application.

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Technology has helped level the playing field for flexible workforce's in providing the tools which allow virtual team or business to work from anywhere. There is no need for a business partner, client or know where you are located.

With green screen background you can have any background, and with the latest codes the quality of audio call, and video calls are the same as being there in person. You can record your online meeting and play it back to anyone you need to at a later time, or to recap the discussion you have had.

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Online Meeting Screen Share for Remote Teams Conferencing Together

When one is holding a web conference it is extremely useful to have screen sharing abilities for real-time collaboration. A business conference is normally about sharing information or creating some intellectual property and the best way when remote it is use screen share, and it needs to perform almost instantly. Zoom uses the latest codes and latest technology making your system the best you can get.

Record Your Business Meeting to Share at a Later Time Easily

Recording your virtual conferences for training purposes is becoming a norm, this allows you and your colleagues being able to share the meeting with participants or people who did not turn up at a later stage. Recording video conferences and listen to the business meetings later to digest what was said means if you miss something you can get the information anyway. Record your business conferences to the cloud or to the desktop or shared drives depending on your place you want to keep the high quality mp4 recordings.

Adaptive Audio in Your Virtual Meeting to Automate Voice Controls

Zoom has adaptive voice for all your audio call requirements which amplifies or dampens the loudness so all people hear each other exactly right. Video meeting hardware for working from home or remote offices makes the difference to a winning conference and a bad one. Logitech headsets and cameras are the best web meeting hardware for your system to make sure you get the best experience and especially voice and video.


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