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At any moment of the day, people across the world use the technology of integrated software services such as Zoom virtual conferencing to enrich their lives.

Connecting people through technology

It is a sign of the times that in some families, members are spread across the globe. Workplace assignments can send a family member to distant shores. Grandparents are enjoying the freedom to take flight and explore far from their home base. But all of the members like to keep in touch. What better way than through web video meetings. Now that the video and audio quality has improved significantly, the interaction is almost like the family member is present. They grab their tablet to share the moment as it is happening. What a joy it is for grandparents to witness their granddaughter score her first goal on the soccer team or their grandson play the violin in the school concert!

Sharing Professional Expertise

At the same moment a doctor in a remote area of India send instant messages to a colleague in the United States to consult about the details of a rare disease. The doctors agree on a time to look at the video of the symptoms to work on the issue in real- time together. They plan to use the web based whiteboard to make their thinking visible.

Expanding Knowledge using technology

Since learning is a lifelong pursuit, at almost every minute of the day students log on to their whiteboard (the unified communication system at their college) through their laptop to check out the details of the assignment that is due next week.  It is estimated that one in five students in secondary and college in the Unites States has participated in the learning environment through on online courseware.

Creating Training Material using web meeting services

A team from the training division of the bank is working on a short training webinar each in their own home. They are collaborating on the task using online web conferencing each using their own preferred device. It’s time to be happy that there is no need to waste time driving to a common location.

Reaching Out to people using software

In some circumstances seniors lead an isolated existence but now they are embracing technology to reach out. Using webinar software on their tablet, they are able to expand their knowledge in areas of personal interest such as techniques for building boats, cake decorating secrets, or where to locate that sought after coin to complete their collection. There is nothing better than having a video conference call with your family, from a work trip, from home or just from anywhere you might be.

Seeking Details from customers or prospects

An interior decorator messages her clients to set up a video conference to share the progress of the renovation in the clients’ home. She needs to know what colour of paint they have chosen so she can place an order with her supplier. She will schedule a conference call since the husband and wife work in different locations.

Organizing the Schedule

The assistant coach of a hockey team sends messages all the members of the team that virtual team updates and strategy meeting has been changed to an hour earlier next Tuesday. With built in ability to add diary reminders for either google, Microsoft or other diary or calendar it has never been easier to manage your meetings and conferences.

Checking In to make sure you are alright

A mom looks up from her work when she hears the familiar tone from instant messaging at 3:25, knowing that her daughter or son is checking in to notify her that everyone is home safe from school. According to TechCrunch the average age for children to get their first cell phone is 10.3 years old.

From very complicated tasks to the mundane, the various aspects of communication software infiltrate our lives. It is not something to fear but something to relish in all aspect of your life from work, to home.

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