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With a growing workforce being separated by physical location there is a growing need to give presentations online both to employees as well as customers. The ability to hold online presentations helps to reduce the physical boundaries between people, but must be done effectively in order to see the full benefits of online presentations. Zoom helps provide businesses and individuals with the tools necessary to do just that very thing. Having all the features and tools you needs to present is extremely important. HD (high definition) video or screen share quality will make your brand stand out from the rest. Make your business meetings count and be effective and dive collaboration with your clients through seamless interactive and meaning full presentation. By using online presentation software Zoom you will have the leading quality solution which is easy for all to us, and have teh best features in market to you win more business or collaborate in the best way available.

Presenting video real-time with sound

Getting your message across to your audience or meeting participants makes your meeting. If you have people connected using the VoiP (computer mic and speakers) or the dial in or out PSTN (traditional phone, and watching the screen share you need all to see and hear clearly what they are viewing or who they are listening to. It is equally imperative that the audience get your messages, which could be training videos, sales and marketing videos for products or services which give a clear view than just a picture or talking about them. It is better to talk to a video freeze it and talk, then continue and share from company websites, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or a pre-corded video stored locally, even a pre-recorded zoom meeting. People are always more likely to be visual and it will condense your conferences to be more effective and clear. No other solution provides this feature like Zoom collaboration platform built with video and mobility as it core.

Creating multiple groups

One thing Zoom allows presenters to do is to collaborate with others through groups. This makes it possible to control who has access to presentations and allows for communicate privately with a selected group of people or publicly in a more open forum. It also makes it easy to quickly create an additional group discussion for further collaboration or use as a focus group for a project. Lastly, if a meeting is going on and another person needs to be quickly given access it can be done without even leaving the web meeting.

Messaging and Chat

Online presentations with Zoom make it possible to send personal messages to individual people during a cloud based presentation without interrupting the speaker. It also acts as a reference for those who want to draw attention to action points from the web meeting between participants. Or can be used to send documents to another participant requested in the online meeting before it even ends helping to increase the productivity of the group. Group chat let’s participants communicate with everyone via text without interrupting the flow of the presentation. But should someone have a question that is relevant to the presentation they can use the “raised hand” feature to signal to the presenter they have a question without disrupting the flow of the cloud based conference.

Additional Tools

Traditionally in a meeting at least one person is designated for taking notes and distributing them to the rest of the group. This often takes time away from their ability to actively participate in the cloud video conference or may result in information being missed by the note taker. Zoom makes it easier to take notes of the meeting, including saving audio and video from the online meetings to be referenced later. The added feature of whiteboarding also makes it possible for the group to work together to brainstorm new ideas. Annotations can be made directly within the meeting and saved to be referenced by the group participants.o0o

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Scheduling online presentations around different time zones and busy schedules can often be frustrating for team members, especially those who travel frequently for work or who are in remote locations. Zoom is designed to allow participants to be able to access meetings and presentations no matter where they are located. Zoom can be used with a PC or laptop that has microphone and video capabilities, but it can also be used with many Android and iOS mobile devices. As a result, team members who are not at a central location are able to participate just as easily from anywhere at any time.

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