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Communication plays a vital role in the success of any business organization. Today, with the advent of technology, things are getting easier while offering more effective pace of working. Collaboration is the lifeline of any business and hence, to ensure maximum effectiveness, one must need an ideal collaboration system that facilitates conversations. When it comes to a reliable interaction system, the only name that strikes in mind is Zoom from Holistic Communications. A complete solution for teleconferencing, it facilitates the user to be in touch and attain maximum benefits.

With the growth of communication technology, new modes of communication have also surfaced in every enterprise like instant messaging, webinar, group chats, training software and more. We offer you the privilege to take control in your hands and hence pave way towards the success of your organization. It can reduce telecom expenses by pinpointing errors, recognizing inefficiencies in network and curb the misuses. The below points delve deeper into describing the incredible features of Zoom that makes it one of the best online market platform available in the market:

  • Simple, easy, and seamless group chat and messaging:Zoom not just offers video conferencing; it iscompetent to offer instant messaging services as well. It facilitates group chat and ideally functions on both smartphones and computers. It features AES 128 bit encryption, role based access controls, HTTPS access, and admin control functions. Whether you are connecting with Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS systems, it assists to contact departments, employees, locations, and branches belonging to a sole business through instant messaging.

  • Webinar and training services: Zoom is high quality virtual meeting software that can effectively broadcast webinars to groups and offer solutions as you go through the ‘hand raise’ component in web conferencing. One can also upload video directly to YouTube and share the content across the globe. It is becoming an indispensable communication system in every office. It is easy to share presentations, documents, and video clips right from your laptop as well as smartphones without compromising with the quality.

  • Function to record the meetings for webinars and trainings:. We just discussed how great Zoom can be for trainings. What is even better is that you can save those videos for the record function in Zoom is a boon for trainings and is equipped with MP4 recording that records the content as well as the video conferences. Zoom co-annotates and annotates its video in order to get the transcript ready after finishing the recording. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about the clients overlooking some essential parts of the meeting, as they consult the recorded video later on to clear the doubts. The user can easily connect to video conference with Zoom Room video conferencing by the organization’s personal website login. In case, you hold a web conference from nations like Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, China and any other country across Asia, Zoom is one stop solution for you.

  • Announcements and town halls:Sometimes, to stay in touch implies broadcasting something to a large group of members. At Holistic communications, we understand that limits exist only in mind and our competencies are as varied as your wants. With Zoom webinars, you can engage with 50 participants in live virtual meetings.

  • Work anytime, anywhere and stay connected: Zoom facilitates you to work from any location whether office or at home. Likewise, it lets you interact online with anyone irrespective of the person’s current geographic location. It saves the excess costs otherwise spent on commuting from one destination to the other. When going mobile, you won’t lose a single Zoom’s capabilities and work accordingly with schedule to ensure you have all at the table in order to take genuine decisions. You may work face-to-face with the clients and colleagues and expand the horizons of your business.

  • Collaboration:We, at Holistic Communications know the importance of collaboration in every business organization. While communicating with clients, the users prefer standard quality HD audio and HD video for an uninterrupted meeting, and Zoom ensuresa perfect solution for the same. With the high-quality voice detection and screen share system, all your points and aspects will get across more clearly to the client.

  • We value your expectations: Zoom is a robust communication system that meets all your expectations and sometimes, functions even beyond your imagination. You can connect to experience the best outcomes with cloud video conferencing, free telephone dial-in, polycom room systems etc. Your faith is important to us and we strive hard to assist you to propel your company forward.

Holistic Communications deploys Zoom Unified Communications Platform, which is the perfect blend of innovation and technology. It helps you to stay connected with all your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. In short, if you are longing for an ideal communication system for video, web and audio communications, Zoom is the perfect option. It makes sure that you end up having a successful web conference that could take your business forward.

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