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Being able to chat online with a group of people is an important resource in our modern society. Occupations have compelled people to live and work miles away from one another. Free online group chat platforms facilitate easy communication with each other on a common source. You can now chat with your team mates, customers or business partners quite easily from your chat platform. There are no boundaries for both internal and external meetings. These platforms also function to bring your team communication up to a good speed.

These are 5 free online group chat platforms:-

  1. Zoom – instant messaging and video meetings – for a great quality and free messaging experience look no further than zoom IM and video conferencing all in one platfor. You can Create Groups and Invite Contacts, Collaborate in teams and you can Search and invite any phone, account, or company contacts. Send group messages to other prople, and see if they are online or away or logged off. Drag and drop files into your chats and when need, extend these instant messages into a live real time video meeting and invite any person you need into the meeting.
  2. Google Hangouts – This is a free platform for online group chatting. It is a productivity tool offered by Google and it is made available across diverse platforms. Google has developed this tool with the main objective of providing numerous channels for communication that are inclusive of texting, video chatting and voice. It has been integrated into both Google+ and Gmail. This app has also been made available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is easily available for download for free from Google Play app store. It offers group chats mainly in the form of a tool made especially for voice calls.
  3. EzTalks Cloud Meeting – It is a high quality and professional tool for video conferencing that can give you a smooth operation with a user interface which is a friendly one.  It is a perfect platform for free group chats online. It is available for people on iOS, Android, Windows and Mackintosh platforms. It offers free group video chat app and it is free for up to one hundred participants. You can enjoy high definition audio and video feeds. You can use up to twenty-five video streams with recording and playback facility. You can also chat in text mode. It allows you annotation and screen sharing. It also provides an online interactive whiteboard tool which is built-in to draw ideas or concepts with.
  4. Whatsapp – This is a free online chat platform for groups. It is an app which is a multi-functional one. It is free to use after downloading and it is not restricted by any timeline. It detects contact information of people in a phone book automatically and is an essential tool for smartphones and intelligent users. It is easy to create group chats with it as you have to send an invitation to all those in your network who use this app. There is an option available for you to add colleagues automatically to a group on this platform. The main limitation for this app is that its availability is restricted for use only on smartphones, tablets or mobile devices. You can easily send audio messages on it besides making video calls. It can also help you send files and share images.
  5. Telegram Messenger – This is a new tool in the messaging platforms. You can expect the highest value of end-to-end encryption on multiple platforms with this tool. It offers superior features like a vast range of stickers for the purpose of chat with several chat options. It also offers amazing tools for photo editing besides providing texting services.
  6. Messenger – This is a free online app for group chats. It has its relation to the ecosystem provided by Facebook. It has various services on offer for its users. It will detect all contacts automatically in the smartphone of a given user. It also offers end-to-end encryption for securing privacy of messages which are sent through this app. Its other notable features include video calling, online group chats, and voice calling services. You can also send text messages through it.


These free group chat online platforms are an ideal way to manage effective communication, particularly among groups.

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