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Run Meetings Regionally or Globally, Off-Network or With Large Numbers of Participants

If you are a business that runs online meetings with their employees, partners and clients regularly, Holistic’s Zoom Video conferencing solution for Room based meetings and virtual online conversations is the ideal solution for you. It is an advanced unified communication system that works across all platforms and devices. We all know that the worst thing that occurs with meeting software is it fails to perform or work, stopping conversations and collaboration from happening.

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Hold Meetings with 50 People is Standard, Need 100, 200, 500 or up to 10,000 with the Same Quality then YOU NEED ZOOM

Holistic provides Zoom deployments via Cloud/SaaS and Hybrid models to businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the entire Asia Pacific region. We include support, local service and hands on training as part of our Zoom communications services.

By incorporating Zoom’s advanced communication system into your workflow, you can instantly improve your business’s collaboration abilities. It reduces complexities with multi-device, multi-platform communication and helps you stay connected to anyone, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Works with in any IT Environment (SOE) including VPN's

Zoom has applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and plugins for most popular browsers (Chrome and Firefox), as well as plugins for Outlook, Skype for Business. What more would any business need for collaboration? Zoom is the most complete all-inclusive professional communication solution for any kind of business.

Record Meetings to the cloud or desktop/server from any Device

Need to keep compliant then you can record all your meetings & conferences so you do not have any ambiguous claims which cannot be proven come across your desk. Record your meetings or webinar for training or promotional purposes for viewing later and in high definition quality.

High Definition (HD) Video and Screen Share

It is quite easy to use and offers several powerful features such as HD video conferencing, simple online meeting, instant file and screen sharing, whiteboarding, meeting recording and more. Whether you’re calling out to your nearby employees over the phone, or having a video conference with your entire workforce, internationally located clients and partners, Zoom Rooms can make it happen.

Screen Share with Sound is Revolutionary to ZOOM

Share your presentations, training videos, site recording with sound, revolutionary to Holistic’s ZOOM with first to market features. Let all participants no matter how they are connected to listen to your videos and be able to collaboration and share the learnings with ease in the one meetings, not separately or out of the meeting session. You can also record your meetings with video and present your recorded meetings back in your next meetings. Or as we do, share customer journeys, real-life scenarios like live mobile real-estate virtual tours!

Why Are You Not Holding More Virtual Meetings and Conferences & Building Better Relationships?

There is no reason you cannot hold professional, quality and high definition feature rich meetings NOW. If you need to get your IT department to know about or be educated in the leading cloud technology and secure system on the market, send them the this link and get them to watch our videos today.

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Ask an Holistic Communications tea member how to design and implement the best video and unified communications platform Today.

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Up holding & Protecting You Organisations BRAND

Never have company meetings, discussions, town halls, client conferences, project meetings or any meeting which fails or does not occur again. Your brand is connected with the technology you use and the ability to seamlessly talk with all people in every meeting every time. Be an industry leader by using Holisitc’s Zoom conferencing and meeting platform.

High definition (HD) Voice and Video Which Just Works Everytime

With the latest codes and software defined video conferencing architecture in place the voice has adaptive control to boost or reduce the volume of all participants, and auto adjustment of the video and screen share to match every connection real time too, so it all just works. VOIP has never been this good with the adaptive voice control now embed into the Zoom meetings software which provides audio quality which is better than normal phone calls, try it today!

Real Time Bandwidth & Storage Monitoring with IT Dashboard

Our leading platform has automatic bandwidth control which toggles the bandwidth for every connection real-time. It is also able to be monitored real time in the IT dashboard which IT managers can use for live support, considering live monitoring and enter directly into meetings to assist live (another revolutionary advancement for the industry) .


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