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Businesses from all industry sectors, including insurance are reaping the benefits of using HD video conferencing solutions to conduct real-time meetings with clients, employees, service providers and potential investors. We’re aware that several businesses choose to rely on face to face meetings for communication and collaboration which is good and part of the client engagement process. But that is often not possible or practical due to rising travel costs, the effort that goes into setting up face to face meets, and not so large budgets. That’s where video conferencing software and online virtual meetings come in. It is the next best thing. You can add more meetings with your clients or qualify then before going to visit them all while building a face real face to face trusted relationship. With high definition audio and visual communication which helps participants connect from any mobile device or smart phone, desktop and tablet device across different platforms, businesses can stay in touch with the right people, at anytime from anywhere. Bring video conference rooms from your team or external clients into your meetings through the power of Zoom video conferencing.

In case of insurance businesses, it is integral in today’s scenario to use some form of video conferencing to service clients, stay in touch with them regularly without burning a hole in their pocket. With video conferencing you can afford to gain more customers outside your town, city or state. HD video conferencing and online meetings are surprisingly effective ways of securely communicating with your clients and partners, without actually having to be there. Leading insurance businesses across the globe are benefiting from video conferencing and online meeting solutions. The drive is on for internal collaboration and how to best engage teams from any division or location. By doing this they are keeping their leadership in industry. Skills are transferred. Knowledge is taught and shared whilst the time needed to work on projects is now expedited to the benefit of all. Let alone giving the competitive advantage one needs in a competitive insurance market. Holistic provides all-inclusive video conferencing solutions for businesses in insurance and from all industry sectors.

Running Multiple Video Solutions has Never Been Easier From One Platform
Video Conferencing and online meeting solutions enable insurance companies to communicate simultaneously with their clients, business partners, employees and agents from any device or platform. You can host instant or scheduled meetings with your workforce and get your ideas across without hassle. Anyone you want can join in from any part of the world. We make it all possible. From webinars for your client base, to interactive sessions and business critical meetings, to one on one chats and file sharing, Holistic’s video conferencing helps you get multiple activities from the comfort of your office. With our web conferencing and video meeting solutions, you can create a high-level multiple channel communication channel that is protected by sturdy AES 128-bits protection. Running multiple solutions have never been easier. Especially when they are all in the one platform and managed or run from the one clients.

Every Office Can Now Have a Video Meeting Room for Conferencing with Clients
Holistic’s virtual meeting rooms solutions enable businesses of all sizes to connect, communicate and collaborate with their partners, clients and customers via HD video conferencing, webinars and online meetings. You can turn your office into a 24x7 meeting room that enables instant communication with any number of participants. Our integrated meeting and video conferencing solutions work seamlessly across all device types i.e. mobile, tablet, PC, and most major platforms. You can have a full SaaS solution or a hybrid on-premises web conferencing system. Every office can now have a meeting room that helps them get business done, without the hassle of managing and organizing time consuming face to face meets.

Holistic’s video conferencing and online meetings solutions are the present and future of advanced, high profile business communications. With available plugins for all major platforms, device types and web browsers, and the necessary hardware systems to boot, we’ve made professional collaboration an intuitive, effortless task. You can access several powerful meeting features such as instant and scheduled meetings, MP4 or M4A recording, host controls, instant screen and file sharing, selective meeting permissions, secure password protected logins and more. When you combine all these advantages with Logitech Group NUC and video conferencing systems, there has never been a more affordable solution. Contact our team of enterprise communications specialist today about your web conferencing or video meeting needs NOW.

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