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The Challenge

Your client, partner or prospect asks you, at the last minute, if they can  join your meeting via their traditional SIP or H323 room based system, ie Polycom, Tanberg, Cisco or lifesize. All of a sudden you need to speak to your IT teams to find out how and if you can accomidate their request.

As you all use different technology things get difficult and confusing, you either get IT involved or cross your fingers that all will be ok. Either way is a frustrating time for all involved.

The Solution

Zoom platform supports all your collaboration needs in one platform. As such you will have the peice of mind that anyone joining your Zoom meeting from their SIP or H323 device will work seemlessly.

By leveraging Zoom Room connectors you can also add value to your exisitng investments in traditional SIP or H323 systems by allowing your staff to join your Zoom meeting via your existing room based system.

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Cloud-based or on-premise (VM) room connector to have an all in one video conference solution

Incorporate Your Physical Room Systems Hardware of Polycom, Tanberg, Cisco, Lifesize & More..

Want to bring your H-323 SIP rooms into your Zoom infrastructure then purchase a subscription

Use Your Legacy SIP or H323 hardware

Expand Video Meetings From Rooms to Any Device

Ask Holisitic Communication how you can design your next solution to accomodate video, mobility and link your current video meeting rooms together.

Leverage Your Exisiting Investments

Take advantage of Zoom room connector to bring all your existing equipement and video conferencing rooms together. Control everything through one platform and IT dashboard.

Up to 500 Video Participants or 10,000 View-only attendees

Expand the reach of your existing room based video system by leveraging Zoom meeting or webinars. Your existing systems can now host meetings of upto 500 people or participant in webinars with upto 10,000 viewers

The Results Were Amazing

The simplicity of the Zoom rooms has also allowed our older staff to simply walk into a meeting room and with a single tap on the ipad their meeting is dialled in and ready before they even get time to sit down and open their laptops.

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Enable H.323/SIP room systems to communicate with desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Connect multiple H.323/SIP endpoints or MCU bridges

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