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Local government councils are dramatically reducing the cost of information technology software for video conferencing and virtual meeting communications by moving to a real time, first ever SFDC (software defined video communications) software which is a web-based package. Zoom online meeting software allows Council’s to leverage the latest solution with the latest codecs and technology, without the need for large hardware investments. It has the capacity to scale to any size and handle all internet connection better than legacy systems which many still use. It was built with video and mobility in mind, rather than as an afterthought.

In many user scenarios, each person bandwidth or internet connection varies wildly, which make communication difficult. Within built bandwidth management for all connection, even if a 10,000-user webinar was in progress, all participant receives the best possible quality. Voice is streamed by itself and given priority over other feeds, such as video and screen share so all people can communicate at all time. This is particularly important when people are still on dial connections or poor connections. When you combine this with jitter and latency management there is simply no better solution you could utlise to maintain and manage your workforce of clients (being your rate payers).

Government council are having to deliver superior services at the lowest costs, especially with climbing population growth and minimal income growth. Zoom conferencing for virtual meetings assist in this delivery of services to the community without increasing the investment required to deliver such services. With the growth in services going online, such as outpatient care, collaboration with other entities, (other councils, solicitors, suppliers, and staff across regional areas, and services in aged care, to library offerings and much more.

In all instances where we have deployed zoom meetings the use has increased through the simple and intuitive interface which means people of all ages can understand what they are looking at and quickly access or enter meetings. The interface is common amongst desktop, devices, mobiles and room based conference or meeting rooms. This stream lines people ability to engage and minimise the support required when offering these solutions to people to use.

If you are looking for a system which will manage all your need in one platform then look no further and call our team today for a free trial of any size. This would include, meetings, video conference room set ups, SIP/h,323 connection for older systems, webinars and large meetings or training solutions. All council should be maximising the use of old technology which has already been invested in, at the same time as moving forward to provide more services without throwing out the baby with the bath water!

For the best and most cost-effective solution in your council workplace, you need the best solution to help you now and into the future without the worry and Zoom web conferencing software does this best. Holistic Communications team will show you how to leverage the SaaS services today and scale as you need, based on cost, capability and needs. For any questions or a free trial, give us a call or drop us an email today.

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