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Get Better Business Productivity by Upgrading to Zoom Unified Communications Platform & Video Conference Rooms software

Is video conferencing slowing down your organisational productivity and bringing up your overall communication costs? If you’re on the lookout for a proven video conferencing, online meeting and group collaboration software, Zoom Rooms is your best bet.

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Video Communications Meetings System and Video Conferencing Software Built on the latest Codecs & Architecture for Performance Everytime

Holistic's Zooms is an advanced unified communication system that enables you to setup instant (or scheduled) meetings with your clients, partners, employees and service providers. Anyone can connect to Zoom video conferences via their mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop and external communication systems such as Cisco, Lifesize and Polycom end points, Easy to setup, easy to use and with no need for any technical knowledge. It offers clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.

Participants can even join into meetings from their browsers via Chrome, Firefox or Safari extensions. Zoom also supports most H.323 Room Systems via its Meeting Connector and lets you dial out phone numbers instantly and invite Skype for Business users too.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Firstly - There is “nothing in enterprise is free” especially software

All licensing for any vendor has a cost, even if hidden into an overall package. Then there are the project costs which are associated infrastructure, support and running costs, including disaster recovery. Real-time support costs are considerable when it comes to large workforce's. Delivering a seamless service is critical when driving costs down and gaining adoption. There is a total cost of ownership model which you need to define.

Secondly – There is the “fit for purpose test” Your Strategy

Will the solution allow us to achieve our goals for collaboration? On network verses off network. Does the solution we intend to implement come in one solution, many solutions and is the performance of the solution actually going to drive user adoption based upon performance, quality and usability in all circumstances. Do you have a strategy set for the business, for now, and into the future and financially modeled, including usage in he modelling?

Thirdly – “Does the total cost of ownership add up?” TCOW

If your users can not use the solution in the way intended, then no matter how much money you save or pay – there will not be efficiency gains. If your organization cannot use as intended then your brand will be at risk, your reduction in other costs like travel will be missed and getting a solution which will work as intended just got that much harder as people never like trying things multiple times.

Finally – there is “lost opportunity cost to the business.” Examples

When you are not able to use immersive high definition video, but your competitors are, you look bad and you lose businesses. If you can’t collaborate as the quality of your communications are vastly at risk, the features you require are not ready and may never be, your remote or work from home staff are hindered and you lose productivity, if you cannot share content as needed, then you talk about items in meetings for 5 times longer than needed and again you lose your productivity.

Never be Locked into 1 Proprietary Technology Strategy Ever Again. Your Business Demands Flexability

Are you locked into the thought process of “it comes with my enterprise agreement (EA) for free” or “I have chosen a hardware specific path and cannot change my strategy?” Then you need to look at how Holistic Communications can help Fix this.

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Adding 25,000 Business a Month Due to Performance & Quality

Zoom powers your conversations by giving you all the functionality you’ve been lacking in respect to your existing unified communication system. It has already helped more than 350,000 global businesses and over 6500 educational institutions improve their video conferencing, IM and online meeting capabilities. Chat simultaneously with your employees, clients and partners, send business critical files on the go and record meetings with your watermarked logo. All this in one flexible, easily deploy-able platform for businesses of any size.

Automatic bandwidth Management for all Meeting Particiapants

Your participants get the best meeting experience, without interruptions as Zoom optimizes video and audio feed bit-rates according to bandwidth discrepancies, and uses advanced compression for files. As a meeting admin you get a handy dashboard that gives you a real-time view of ongoing meetings, online and offline users, past meeting date i.e. durations, participant locations and much more. With instant audio, video and screen sharing from any device, and a three-screen option to show active speaker, content and gallery view, professional collaboration has never been easier.

The Best Adoption from the best Usability of Any solution or System Available

1 Click access to all your meetings, no cables for video conference room based meetings. Click a link from an invite to enter your meetings or click from your scheduled meetings. Integration to exchange and google calendars for booking and ease of diary management. Use on any device for unlimited meetings. With Holistic’s Zoom Rooms, you can get more done within shorter time-spans and stay in touch with the people who matter to your business, 24x7x365.


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