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Simple Online Meeting Softwares

Holistic Communications’ Online Meeting solutions help reduce hurdles in setting up and implementing high-value business meetings

For successful meetings you need a quality high definition video and reliable voice service

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Simple Online Web Meetings: Meeting Solutions

Get comprehensive solutions for organizing real-time or scheduled online meetings and use our applications, plugins and extensions offered through our Simple Online Meeting services

Make your business meetings with clients, partners and associates successful by using Holistic’s advanced online meeting technology. Host high quality online meetings with crystal clear audio and video, benefit from the easy to learn interface, browser plugins, applications and extensions for best, uninterrupted online meetings that produce better business outcomes

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Desktop & Application Sharing

Share your desktop and application screens with our easy to use Online Meeting applications

Google Chrome and Outlook Plugins

Use our web meeting plugins for Google Chrome or MS Outlook to start online meetings directly from your browser

Instant or Scheduled Meetings

Organize web meetings on the go from anywhere or schedule at everyone’s convenience with our applications

Host Control

Host control ensures gives you a wide range of features that lets you control the direction of your meetings with an extensive menu of options

Professional Online Meetings Software for Better Outcomes

Holistic Online Web Meetings solutions makes hosting business meetings easier with the help of our online technologies and applications. Experience powerful features including advanced Host Controls, browser based plugins, MP4/M4A recording and more.

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For scale: That's more than the population of Australia using Holistic Communications web and video conferencing solutions every month.

Best Web & Video conferencing

9/10 customers close deals 20% faster on average with Holistic Communications versus our competitors.

Online meetings made easy

Holistic Communications was built with you and your attendees in mind. Whether you meet with colleagues, customers or business partners, you’re assured that all your meetings are easy to start and easy to join.


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