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Protecting Your Company’s Brand with High definition Video Conferencing

You must realize that protecting your company’s brand is as important as developing and promoting it to your clients or community the same as any other activity.

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The need for securing a brand, its identity and its online assets has never been more significant.

You must find ways to legally protect your brand’s trademarks, copyrights, patents, web resources (web content, logos, names, slogans) and all else that’s unique to your brand.

You must find ways to legally protect your brand’s trademarks, copyrights, patents, web resources (web content, logos, names, slogans) and all else that’s unique to your brand. We provide data loss protection solutions, green screen for work from home staff. Landing pages which can be branded to your organisations requirements.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Branded Landing Pages for your Clients and Staff

When your clients, staff and business partners land on your meeting invite pages, you can have them branded the same as your website so they do not know it is not your service.

Data Loss Provention Enablement

Stop data loss through displays showing the meeting hosts email address in case any recording or screens ahots show up anywhere they should not.

High Quality Voice and Video Meetings

You and your clients can experience a high quality, secure HD audio or video communication experience with our video and voice meetings.

Invite Clients From their Premises and Video Rooms

Our online meeting client, Holistic Zoom Rooms gives businesses a large number of features such as touch controls, up to 500 participants, multi-screen views, advanced sharing, and is quite easy to get started with

Meeting Solutions that Work in All Environments On Network or Off Network

Holistic’s meeting solutions for businesses are quite flexible when it comes to adjusting to different bandwidths and optimizing video and voice quality accordingly. We’ve designed meeting solutions that work in all environments and do what’s necessary to adapt to bandwidth deficiencies and enable an uninterrupted meeting experience.

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It is effective in compressing file uploads, video quality and transfers, thus reducing network traffic usage and lost connection events.

Connect to experts

No Cable Required for Video Conferencing

When it comes to accessibility, we win with direct HDMI and Wi-Fi sharing, airplay mirroring and sharing any type of content with ease. Holistic’s video and meeting solutions help accelerate your business by improving communication and collaboration. Your clients will find it very easy to use.

Easy to use

You can switch freely between gallery and full screen views, join via telephone, record meetings with one click, as well as manage, invite and mute participants without hassle.

One Click Access

Our video conference application helps you get started in minutes with features such as one click meeting start, multi-platform i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop, H.323/SIP room systems, telephone, and Rooms.


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