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Zoom Features

All-in-one platform.

The Leading communications solution for any business for messaging, video meetings, group chat, screen share, training, webinars, video and audio conferencing.


The licencing is built for all your staff to be able to take advantage of the benefits of collaboration.


Designed for mobility and perfomance. With the latest codecs for the best high definition video, there is no excuse to not be having virtual face to face meetings.

Holistic Communications Love Zoom

Zoom Has all the amazing features you need.

When Deploying Zoom cloud meetings, all-in-one communication platform is packed full of all the tools and features you will ever require. Built with video and mobility at the heart of the platform.

Quality HD Video

Run high definition video meetings from any smart phone, tablet, mac or windows desktop or video conference rooms. Making your virtual meetings seem like you are there in person.


Quality HD Audio

Every person in the meeting has the same quality and loudness of audio. With built in amplifyers and dampeners you will always get the best possible experience via VoIP or PSTN.


Quality HD Screen Share

Built with the latest codex’s you will experience lighting fast screenshare with full support for sharing your screen with sound.  Making your collaboration seem like you are there in person.


To see the full list of feature available in each plan which will suit your needs click on the button.

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Feature Index

All the modules needed for collaboration.

The Asia Pacific region has all types of internet connectivity, from dial-up, ADSL, Broadband, Satelite, and different business on-network setups. Zoom cloud meetings works across all.


Online virtual meetings, on your company network or off-network meetings over the internet. Run from a Desktop, Mobile device, smart phone or conference room.

thumb_01_60_60BUSINESS IM

Instant messaging with built in presence. Incorporate corss-platform messaging capabilities. Transfer files up to 512MB using chat. Make a chat or instant message become a video meetings or an audio call.

thumb_01_60_60ZOOM ROOMS

Video confernce room for all sizes. The firs software defined video conferenecing architecture (SDVA) & works with most hardware. Collaboration has never been easier to talk or share ideas.

thumb_01_60_60VIDEO WEBINAR

Present to customers, to promate products or services. Provide client updates. Run a company town hall or large announcement. Up to 10,000 attendees or integrate with Youtube for an unlimited audience.

thumb_01_60_60H.323/SIP CONNECTOR

If you have h.323/SIP video systems you have invested in, you can now join them to the zoom platform and bring them to the cloud. Keep control of all communication aspect under one solution.


You can integrate Zoom Meetting into you current technology stack. Give your applications video, voice and screen share natively through yoru existing systems.

High Definition Video Meetings

Zoom can have 500 video stream in high definition and have up to 10,000 view only attendees. A standard licences comes with 50 participants with full controls. Unlimited dial-in audio for all meetings and option which you would expect like recording, annotation, break out rooms and more.

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Video Conference One Touch Controls

When it come to starting a video conference meeting, it should be simple, and easy to ue. With Zoom rooms you have one touch controls to start your meetings. It is integrated to your company directory so you can invite any team member . You also have proximaty meeting start. And invite anyone from anywhere into your video conference.

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Zoom Room features and overview

Zoom Room features and overview

HD Video and Audio Conferencing

Up to 100 live video panelists can share their webcam and interact with the audience standard

Packages that Scale 

Select 100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 or 10000 view-only attendees for webinars

Unlimited audio

VoIP and global dial-in (toll applies) for 54+ countries, giving free dial in audio conferencing

Desktop/application sharing

 One-click HD screen sharing – even share videos with sound with ease!

Dual screen support

Show panelists and presentation at same time

Customized branding 

Add your logo and customize emails and registration forms

Flexible registration options

Approve registrations manually or automatically, or go registrationless

Practice Sessions

Meet with other panelists to prep for your webinar.

Host Control

You can mute/unmute panelists, and promote attendees to panelist giving them audio & video capabilities for enhanced engagement


Private and group panelist chat (can be enabled for attendees too). Chat is searchable and secure

Attendee Raise Hand 

 Increase attendee engagement with a simple raised hand for training and webinars


Receive and share audience input. Polling can assist when understanding audience understanding or participation

Q&A dialog box

Attendees ask questions with live or text answers


Record locally or in the cloud in MP4 or MP4A format, and promote to additional audiences


Get reports on registrants, attendees, polling and Q&A for follow up.


Works with your CRM and marketing automation platforms


End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption safeguards all log-in information and webinar session data.

Premuim Audio

Add integrated global toll-free telephone calling to your Webinars. You can select one or multiple countries (70 countries available) for premium toll-free audio. 

Webinar Portal

Easily create and more importantly modify your webinars from any computer or smartphone

Webinar Controls

Easily manage your panalists and attendees with a click of a button, ie mute, mute all, remove or promote attendees to panalists 

Zoom webinar software from Holistic Communications will give you the confidence to introduce webinars to your prospects, clients and business. For more information or to discuss how Zoom online webinar software can help your business see the links below.

Built for all businesses.

No matter if yo uare a small business, a corporate entity, in enterpise, a governement department or a not for profit, Zoom Meetings will improve your collaboration.

Cloud Video Conferencing

The fastest and #1 solution.

Enterprise Messaging

IM and group chat for all occasions.

File Sharing

Send files up to 512MB through chat..


Hybrid Cloud Service.

You can be 100% in the cloud or you can have multimedia servers and routing of your traffic kept on your netwak and leverage both on net-work or off-network.


The Best and easiest to use.


The easiest to use.


Always available.

Great Mobility Features

Zoom Meeting for Devices.

If you need to communicate to other from your smart phone or table, then Zoom meetings can help you. Use instantZoom meet. Promised.


While on the go chat with your colleagues and business partners from your device. Persistent chat so yo ucan read older messages too.


Share your screen, content, websites, presentations  and content from other sources. Like Dorpbox, box, phone storage, photos and more…


No one will know you are not at yoru desk or in a video conference room wit hthe ability to ask questions and comment in any meeting.


Host or join any video meetign from yoru device as long as you have an internet connection. Never miss a sales call or meeting ever again.


If you have cloud storage enable for recording on your account, then you can record your meetings on the go to the cloud. Share them later or transcribe when needed.


With built with amplification and dampeners for every persons audio, your meetings are crystal clear, no matter where your attendees are located, including which country they are in.

To see the full list of feature available in each plan which will suit your needs click on the button.

IT Manager DashBoard

Real-time controls for IT managers

(click image to watch video).


You can brand your email, your join a meeting & host a meeting landing pages, so all your team and clients think it is your meeting solution. Take advantage of branding today and secure your vanity URL today.


If yo uare on a business plan or above you can request managed domains. This allows you to see all employees under the one admin account no matter the domain, (email addresses used) even if they are paying themselves.


If you are an IT manager and have lots of solutions, there is nothing more annoying than getting lost password requests. If yo uuse signle sign-on / SAML 2 then this challenge can disappear and have all staff use their standard logon password.


Available to enterprise clients on request. you can have integration to skype for business to have a more seamless communications solution. Application for adding to the desktop app available and other Skype for business user can join a Zoom Meeting as standard.