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ZOOM Meetings is #1 Cloud SaaS Solution which is designed for Instant Disaster Recovery

Holistic Communications deploys Zoom Rooms video conferencing as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Hybrid Cloud deployment to fulfill the communication needs of businesses.

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Holistic’s Zoom Cloud Meetings Means Your Infrastructure Is Looked After

Holistic’s Zoom meetings solution ensures that you never run into limitations, when it comes to hosting high quality instant and scheduled business meetings. We make sure that you are capable of holding video conferences or webinars with up to 10,000 participants, if necessary. You can communicate easily, share anything you want with anyone you want, chat privately, record and view conversations, access chat histories and get a complete real-time overview of interactions and analytical data.

In case of disasters, your valuable business-critical data is protected within encrypted Cloud servers, and can be accessed anytime in the future. Working from home, from remote offices, at the office or on the go has never been easier. You will need to manage your WAN but with Qos marking, automatic bandwidth management and scalability for unlimited meetings at maximum participation, there is no need for staff to continue holding poor quality video conferences online anymore. And with all elements including instant messaging and group chat, and the ability to invite Skype for Business users into a Zoom meeting, there is nothing to stop your meetings.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

SaaS & Hybrid Infrastructure

This is where Holistic’s Zoom SaaS and hybrid Cloud infrastructure comes in, taking care of all resource demands and storage/backup necessities.

H.323/SIP Meeting Connectors and Multi Media Routers

With the versatile H.323/SIP meeting connectors and Multi Media Routers (MMR), up to 350 devices/users can connect with ease to your meeting rooms, including with Cisco, Lifestyle, Polycom and Tandberg endpoints.

Bandwidth and Enterprise Controls

Regardless of your business communication & collaboration requirements, Zoom Rooms has got the best solutions for you. Automatically managing Bandwidth and Qos Marking, and is designed using the latest Codecs for the best optimisation for all your Meetings. IT have access to a real-time dashboard which includes live support and meetings access.

Hold Unlimited Meetings and Have Unlimited Users

It has been built to be elastic in nature and with the capability of scaling to all demands of millions of simultaneous users. there are no limitations to your organisational needs.

Holistic’s Zoom is the #1 Cloud SaaS Meetings solution to meet and exceed the online meeting needs of modern business organisations.

This has never been more evident when it comes to regional, and large participant meetings, ZOOM online meetings dynamically manages these environments giving your staff the best experience there is.

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Now you can reach out and invite any employee, client and business partners to your meeting rooms, and enjoy hassle free communication. With huddle rooms driving small group collaboration with high definition video conferencing you get features such as unlimited meetings for unlimited duration's, private chat, mobile & web screen share, instant file sharing, breakout sessions, meeting recording and much more.

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Up-time All The time

To meet the advanced collaboration requirements of growing businesses, Zoom has set up a large number of powerful data centers across the globe. This ensures that businesses get easier deployments, faster setups, high quality collaboration performance and on demand real-time accessibility.

Uninterrupted Business Communications

Your participants get the best, uninterrupted business communication experience, optimized according to bandwidth and network status. Zoom’s powerful data centers are designed for 24x7/365 accessibility, with minimum downtime and high reliability. With Zoom Rooms, there is no need for anything else. You can seamlessly integrate it as a reliable part of your workflow and business communication becomes an intuitive, 24x7 task that you need not worry about.

Data Centres built For Elasticity and unlimited Meetings

With multiple data centers managing your data in high security servers, you can collaborate and communicate with anyone, using any device, from any part of the world. Hold large business meetings, or webinars for your clients or IM with anyone, with enhanced security and benchmark scalability. Moving FORWARD, Zoom video conferencing and online meeting solutions keeps transforming the way businesses communicate


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